10 thoughts on “Dr. Dolores Cahill republishes Br. Bugnolo’s Arrest video — with subtitles”

  1. A bold & forthright response, to be sure.

    To call it “easy,” is, however, exceedingly naïve: one has but to recall the rise (& fall) of la Vendée Catholique. 150 yrs later, the French Underground was but a thorn in the invaders side; it took the combined efforts of Allied forces to liberate the Eldest Daughter.

    If organizing is to be had, let it begin with Block Rosaries. Even Boko Haram was put down by the Marian Sword. That arms has yet to be trustingly employed as ought it be. As the Psalm reads: Trust not in man in whom there is no salvation.

    How overthrow those in league w/ the Enemy w/o first recourse to supernatural weaponry? In the end, the victory will be Our Lady’s and Her Son wills that it be duly accredited to Her — and perhaps not simply by those already in possession of divine & Catholic Faith.

    1. We could ABSOLUTELY NOT have said this any better than you have already stated, PAUL F.


    2. Great Video. I posted a link on GETTR to get wider distribution. Expect an uptick in traffic!

  2. This is great for the hearing impaired and for those that like to quietly read the video so not to disturb someone nearby.
    Great idea Dolores!

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