How the Covid Serums install a 5G operable Internet-of-bodies into their victims

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10 thoughts on “How the Covid Serums install a 5G operable Internet-of-bodies into their victims”

  1. Of course it’s horrifying.
    We live in anxious times, and that affects people, but I am very curious if others see personality changes in family members or friends after vaccination.

    1. I have. My brother in law who had always been docile and sweet, turned on me on Christmas day, lashing out with strong words and pressured speech. I was in shock! I had not even said or did anything to set him off. I am very VERY concerned.

    2. Absolutely ,as if they are mind controlled. My son was well aware of the mark of the beast. And extremely wary of vaccines. Still he took the shot. Ever since ,he seems to believe the shot is the only way to live . Even attacking me saying take the vaccine live to see your grand sons grow old. A polar opposite to how he thought prior to taking the poison. The day 5 and up were called for their death shot. He took his 9 year old. I swear he and everyone who took that shot are no longer in control of their minds. I do not recognize who he is now. Once extremely close. I have been completely ostracized as if because I refuse the shot I am evil. It’s bizarre. Has destroyed my entire family. I’m convinced it’s pure evil.

  2. Thank you again Br. Bugnolo for posting an important article on the dangers of this “5G beast system!” I hope we can all begin to see that there is no “virus” and that these “symptoms” are all a result of being systematically poisoned by evil people! In some sense we are on our own, like the Knights of Malta in the great siege of 1565! The shepherds have abandoned their flocks and the sheep are scattered. But we have our Lady of Fatima and the promises of Her Immaculate Heart! So don’t despair, but have hope, and our victory will become a reality!

  3. Here’s the problem-most Catholics. in the USA are finally scared enough to to pray but continue living a debauched life style and don’t see the incongruity…
    They see and are worried about this country and the world but they haven’t tied prayer with sacrifice with
    living a godly life together….

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