5 thoughts on “USA: Covid Hysteria is making flying a potential nightmare experience”

  1. Indeed, hence why I’ve only flown once since this nonsense began … and as unmasked as possible!

  2. I thought it was fun Easily Outmaneuvering the donut eating fat cops at Dallas airport, after one of the airport workers noticed I got off the plane without a mask. she didn’t like that and she didn’t like where I told her to go and she asked me to put one on !

  3. Some 10 years ago, my family and I took our last flight.
    My wife was searched trice by lunatic customs officers.
    We are not wearing burkas or wearing the beard of the profet, so chances of us commiting a bombing suicide action are zero.
    Those lunatics at the airport are from the same bread as todays polices commiting crimes against civilans they should protect.
    I decided to buy a car and take our hollidays nearer by.
    And now with the fake corona, we stay in our country.
    We still have a lot of fun.

  4. The last time I flew was 2015. I would never fly now given the current restrictions and I feel sure that I will never fly again. I suggest that you swiftly go to the country that you plan to live in for the rest of your life. These airlines deserve to go out of business. I think, sooner or later, most will.

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