4 thoughts on “Fred Martinez’s Open Letter to American Traddies on the Lefebvre Moment”

  1. This is the most important point, and the one that any child could see: “If you really believe we are wrong and headed to hell and refuse to seriously give us real arguments then you apparently have lost the supernatural virtue of charity.”

  2. Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for your tireless efforts to promote TRUTH.

    We agree with what is stated in this letter. Years ago we left the novus ordo counterfeit Vatican 2 church. Years ago now, we have separated from everything Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara. The snake venom OF LUKEWARMNESS they spew is sickening. Also, we have separated ourselves from the SSPX who are goons of error who shove their lies and deceptions down the throats of their victims. In addition, we also have been blessed by GOD with the light to separate from a group of priests who had themselves left the SSPX because of their many grievous errors and are now even worse than the SSPX. Also, we are blessed to separate from a single priest who separated himself from the just mentioned group of priests who is presently a schismatic from the true POPE BENEDICT XVI who leads others into schism and whose group is conditioned to play many browbeating games which include name calling along with false accusations toward those who know that bergoglio is not the pope.

    WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES AND DECEPTIONS from those opportunists of the short list above. They have committed great harm to spread the ERROR THAT bergoglio IS POPE, that POPE BENEDICT XVI has declared that he is NOT pope, that the recognize and resist position is the proper idea when it is, in TRUTH, an ideology that is an abomination.

    We have come to understand that this short list of grievous counterfeits on our journey to understand the TRUTH has been a BLESSING FROM GOD and MARY, the MEDIATRIX of ALL GRACES.

    The HOLY ROSARY prayed daily is the gift and the weapon that is given to us in this evil age, and the HOLY ROSARY has been given the great efficacy by heaven that was promised to us by The Blessed Mother of GOD and our Mother in that there is nothing too difficult to solve.

    We have been given great light to desire, to seek, and to recognize TRUTH in matters of FAITH, and we are eternally grateful to GOD and MARY WHO IS the CoRedemptrix, Mediatrix, and our Advocate.


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