Greg Hunter on Trump’s Godless DeathVaxx promotion

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5 thoughts on “Greg Hunter on Trump’s Godless DeathVaxx promotion”

  1. Listen to Clif High.
    He has a good reason for why Trump is speaking like one of the globalists. Apparently, according to Clif High, he is speaking in code, instead of having us in lockdown from 2020 to 2030 which would have resulted in tens of millions deaths. So we’ve had to suffer some deaths, which are horrible in themselves, but perhaps Trump’s words and actions saved millions.
    I don’t know. We have to wait until the truth comes out.
    Collateral damage is always suffered in a war – and we are in WWIII.

    1. I think Cliff is suffering from Trump syndrome. If you do not believe what a man is saying in plain English, because you have some theory about what his words mean, other than their plain objective sense, then you are in denial.

  2. All cellular material claimed to be novel was BLAST searched and is either of human or microbial origin. BLAST is a genetic code search database.

  3. Trump was the better of two evils. Vigano supported him. Is there no one to trust!!!! I’m so disappointed!

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