Is Bergoglio suffering from neurological disorder after being DeathVaxxed?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

With the news that Bergoglio is dying and that the College of Cardinals has begun preliminary preparation for a new Conclave — news which has not been officially denied by either the Dean of the College, the Office of the College or any medical doctor at the Vatican, we are going to see a flood of reports by outlets which are counting the days till his death.

Today’s offering is about Bergoglio’s swollen upper lip.  Gloria.TV runs the story off of an image published by Il Sismografo, which could be current, but that is not certain. You can see this image in the featured image of this report.

Gloria.TV spins the photo to argue an infection.

But a swollen lip could simply be a lip which has been bitten during a neurological event.  A known side effect of the DeathVaxx.

Bergoglio has had the double Jab and the Booster, according to sources.

We should pay attention to this photo, simply because Il Sismografo is published by Vatican Press Staff, and when they chose a photo, they are signalling to the whole press corps in the world.

The other offering is a news reporter, who while delivering her report, nearly started to read the prepared statement by the channel about his death… (see here).

All Rome is expecting his death, especially after his outrageously offensive decision to ban the Traditional Latin Mass and cut off pension payments to Vatican workers who have not been DeathVaxxed.

Like Herod the Great who went into a rage, after the death of his son, in April of 1 B.C., and in revenge ordered the murder of the innocents, whose martyrdom we celebrate today, so Bergoglio in his death throes is not leaving any opportunity aside to offend and destroy.

This is a certain sign that he knows his time is short and that he soon will exist stage left.

Happy New Year to one and all!


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11 thoughts on “Is Bergoglio suffering from neurological disorder after being DeathVaxxed?”

  1. I think it’s mostly speculation and rumour at the moment. At Midnight ‘Mass’ on Christmas Night for a man of 85 years he looked very strong and confident, with no flagging or indication of being ill. He did the main parts of the ‘Mass’ (Novus Ordo) in Latin too, which means either that he was gaslighting the ‘trads’ ! – or, that’s what they always do, I don’t know. Anyway, if he is ill, it wasn’t apparent then.

  2. I don’t believe Bergoglio or Trump received the VAX. It’s all show. They are all friends. NWO Masonic Globalist!

  3. Some mystic claims they will both die at the same time as martyrs. That means they would recieve a plenary indulgence at death and go straight to Heaven. Of course mystics are many times unreliable.
    I can hardly believe after the things hes done that hes the real Pope.

  4. If he does die, I shudder to think about who replaces him.

    Over the last few month, they’ve tried to claim he has miraculous healing powers. I wonder if he’ll be “raised from the dead”. The book of revelation states that the false prophet even calls down fire from heaven.

  5. I would like Cardinal Eijk to be our next Pope. He is a good level headed man, multi lingual, does not seek the spotlight or play up to Bergoglio. Please God, a worthy Catholic Cardinal.

  6. I am interested to know more about his recent “miraculous healing powers”, ala, Rasputin. That would not be surprising.
    And his stage left is likely to be more a trap door.
    I have read chemo can make you puffy, as he looked. To me, his entire face was altered, very odd. Even his nose looked out of shape, and his face more droopy, indicating fluid, perhaps. It was a bit eerie. He looked like John XXIII, and I noticed someone else in a combox thought so as well.
    I don’t see him as near the end, imminently, I mean. As someone said here, he looks quite able to function. Like Rasputin, he may be able to hang on for a while.
    I don’t wish to be a downer, but I have -100 level optimism of a conclave electing someone remotely Catholic. My hope is completely in Jesus Christ, not a molecule of it for the bishops, Cardinals, or pope figurehead.

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