18 thoughts on “Trump’s Base has begun to implode over his DeathVaxx promotion”

  1. Donna is being revealed. TRUTH is being revealed for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. Unfortunately the ones playing 4D chess are the Elites or whatever you want to call them. Trump is found to be compromised this late in the game. He loses his base with only a little while before the election cycle. Everyone was sure he would take the Republican slot. Now who is going to oppose the Dem in 2022? No one was prepared for this. The legs have been cut out from under the Conservatives and Libertarians.

  3. This commentator is right about Trump:
    “He’s toast…That train is going straight to hell.”

    I sent 3 emails to Trump at https://www.45office.com/ right after he left office in early 2021, warning him that he would lose his base of support if he continued to push the deathvaxx.

    I never bought the excuse that “oh, Trump is surrounded by bad advisers and doesn’t know what’s happening.”

    That’s ridiculous! If we peons know something, you can be sure the president of the United States knows it.

    Even so, I wanted to give him a chance to make things right.

    But he proved again and again that he cares nothing for America and its people. We were betrayed.

    Every Christian with discernment jumped off the Trump train many months ago. The only ones left on the Trump train now are the fake Christians, Freemasons, and atheists posing as conservatives.

    1. I totally agree with you. He is doing just businesses, nothing for US, like the former general. He tried to play kind a political and libertarian messiah role, but it’s over. People depend solely on themselves for Liberation from this world dictatorship.

    2. I also send email to link above 45 office. Everyone should send to site comment to stop supporting vaccines due to vaccines being cause of tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious health issues

  4. I will never forget the night he was elected. It was one of the biggest surprises of my life bc the news media all were predicting Hilary a shoe in. Then Indiana went for Trump. Then Ky. Then like dominoes the other states. I disagree that he hates America. That was the best 4 yrs of my life.

  5. I think everyone here should read Propaganda by Edward Bernays. The author practically brags about how the invisible government manipulates the masses to think what they want everyone to think.

  6. I mean, so many people trusted a millionaire to care about the good of USA, just because the brain washers kept attacking him.

  7. Biden is starting to give Trump credit for vaxx Setting him up to be blamed for vaxx deaths .Trump needs to stop supporting vax x
    I no longer support him unless he reversed and condemns vaxx

  8. sad Trump doubled down on the vax, he had his chance with Candance to bow out, call it what it is, he’s banned on everything anyways, but he doubled down, said “no one has been harmed by the vaccine”….wow!…said, “only the people who didn’t take it are dying”
    buh bye Donald.
    you lost 75% of your base, maybe more

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