Bishop Porfiry of Ozersk – ”They Are Planning to Wipe Out Most of Humanity, 6 Billion People…”

Full Christmas Homily, for context:

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15 thoughts on “Bishop Porfiry of Ozersk – ”They Are Planning to Wipe Out Most of Humanity, 6 Billion People…””

  1. We will recognize him by his fruits. As a Pole, I know the history of Russia well. Anyone who thinks Russia was victorious in 1945 is basically ignorant. The Jewish communists won this war at the cost of the lives of 26 million Russians. We Poles saw these poor people chased to certain death by the Jewish NKVD. Two soldiers with one rifle on a sackcloth string. These soldiers didn’t even have shoes. If the one with the gun died, the others could take his gun. The NKVD treated them like cattle. Under no circumstances could they surrender because it was always punishable by a shot in the head by a bandit from the NKVD. To this day, under This is a victory? Note that he said nothing about the communist revolution of 1917 and that “victory”. Look at his eyes!

  2. Look at his crosier! It is the symbol of Hermes! Two snakes and a skull with a barely visible cross above them.

    1. The crosiers of Orthodox Bishops are made according to an ancient tradition for staffs of imperial officials of the Roman Empire.

  3. As a Russian person, after watching this homily, I can only comment and say that Russia never forgets about its wars. The best Russian books are filled with the lessons of war. When this bishop speaks of war dispassionately it gives me the impression that Russia is spiritually preparing its people for war.

  4. 6 billion ? – i have no problem in accepting that number – from all i have seen in the last decade of decending the rabbit hole , this is indeed their plan – they will not stop – they cannot , for if they do they will all be executed for high treason and attempted genocide – make no mistake people , they are in this to the end……….. either they kill all of us , or we stop them …….. there is no other result…….. get right with the good lord people , end the stupid excuses , and get ready to fight for your lives……… they will not stop trying to kill us all until we stop them……… if you believe you can run and hide , well …… good luck with that………. god bless from Ireland

    1. They are doing their covid propaganda so sloppily because they want the normies to revolt against national governments and accept the antichrist’s world government as the salvation of the world. The national governments have outlived their usefulness.

  5. This beautiful Russian Holy man mentioned Dostoevsky, why? Because Dostoevsky knew the minds of men like Gates better than they understand themselves. These supermen don’t believe in God, so with the use of Technology, they become God, and create HELL ON EARTH. “Without God, anything is possible”!

  6. The words of Jesus telling us things pertaining to the last days of humanity as we know it….”Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for apprehension of those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Lk 21:26

    We serve a patient God…When the leaven of Evil has fully permeated the whole dough God will put the whole lump into the Fire of His righteous Judgment.. john B

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