Why is the DeathJabb being repeated like livestock ImmunoContraceptives?

Above, is the accusation, below the information. You decide…

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U.S.Department of the Interior: Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Science and Research Programs – Wild Horse and Burro Herd Management

“The BLM’s highest priority research topic remains the development of humane, safe, practical, and effective, long-lasting fertility control methods for mares.”

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“Racist” Screaming, Bergoglio, forces minorities to wear masks in his presence

Click the image to watch the video, over at Gloria.TV

In the video above, it can be clearly seen that the seminarians who are non-europeans are wearing masks, but the Europeans are not. The St. Gallen Mafia has direct ties to the Nazis, and have always shown themselves to be contemptible true racists, with their comments against blacks. This photo is a perfect historic postcard for the entire “pontificate” of the globalist racist, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

ITALY: GoldmanSachs Dictatorship creates Apartheid State over DeathVaxx status

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister — his official title is President of the Council of Ministers — has decreed they day before Christmas Eve that you will no longer have civil rights if you are not DeathVaxxed.

He did this by extending the requirement for the SuperGreenPass (i.e. super, because it is intended to make the Earth green by killing off people and businesses faster than the previous version) to many parts of society.

There are now 2 kinds of citizens: those who have rights if Draghi permits them and they take as many jabbs has his globalist handlers want, and those who refuse the jabs and now risk fines and suffer grave inconvenience or exclusion.

Click this image to learn more about the latest psychotic decree:

The result of the new restrictions is not as expected. Counterfeit passes are flooding cellphones, no one is checking them to see if the one presented corresponds to the one presenting, and more and more people are not wearing the mask in the open air — though required in Lazio by the psychotic globalist Governor.

Even the common man on the sidewalk is beginning to recognize that the restrictions are not about health, but about control. And Italians hate being controlled, when they can get away with it.

Even the police are not enforcing the restrictions, as citizens can be seen entering shops without the mask, right next to police stations.

Draghi can blow on his horn of Dictatorship, but with each sounding, the effects are less and less.  Soon his horn will summon revolution. And he knows it and is frightened to his bones, as his pact with Macron, for French troops to defend Italy, signed in November, shows.

Does one cease to be a Christian because one has been DeathVaxxed?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In every grave controversy, there are always legitimate questions about the consequences of moral actions.  This is especially true in the Church, since we are a divine-human society in which we recognize the existence of sin, fault, punishment and moral responsibility.

Many are asking serious and valid questions, and few are giving the answers. We have been much preoccupied with understanding what is going on, what is the truth, and what are the lies, and what is really in the Covid “vaccines”, that few have had time to think about the other questions.

So let’s confront them head on.

If you were deathvaxxed, does that mean you are no longer a Christian?

It is obvious that nearly no one, who received the jabb, had due informed consent, when they received the DeathVaxx. BigPharma did not even tell us what was in it. This had to be discovered by open minded true scientists working seperately, as soon as they could obtain samples of the serums.

And no one in the world, clearly, has been told at the time of the jab, what was in it: that it contains 40 factors which will lead to immediate or premature death, that it turns you into a transhuman, that in installs a 5G compatible routing network in you, to monitor your vital signs etc..

So, since no one is guilty in the sight of God for a sin, when they were unaware of the moral quality of the choice they were making, the mere fact that you have received the jab, does not mean you have ceased to be a Christian, since that would require rejection of Christ or of God.

However, it is one thing to answer the question as to whether you have received it, it is another to answer the question as to whether you willingly took it.

Because many elderly, infirm, or incapacitated persons were given the jab without being asked if they wanted it,  or with the counsel of someone whom they trusted but who was totally uninformed, and took it nevertheless.  So these truly consented to receive the jab, but they never truly consented to receive what is in the jab.  So if they sinned, it was by undue credulity in the person they trusted. Others had many opportunities to be informed and refused to listen or chose to be deceived. But if the person they trusted was a parent or child or close friend, they probably have no moral fault for the decision.  The fault for their being jabbed then, would be nearly or totally that of the person who counseled them to take it.

And here we come face to face with the case of Pope Benedict XVI, whom Archbishop Ganswein — a known public liar — says received not only the DeathVaxx, but even the 3rd booster, “out of conviction”.  The problem with that affirmation, in addition to its untrustworthy source, is that as Tosatti recently revealed, Pope Benedict XVI has been denied all outside sources of information for 8 years, except those Ganswein allows him to have. So if there is any sin or fault here, its totally that of Ganswein.  Pope Benedict XVI must be presumed innocent, just like any elderly person in a retirement home, and probably more so, because he cannot even watch TV or use the internet.

However, if you know the DeathSerum makes you trans-human, and you take the jab anyhow, then clearly you have committed apostasy and are no longer a Christian, since a Christian is bound by the covenant God made with us in making us.  He alone is our God, Creator and Lord, and it is not permitted to a Christian to break that covenant.  Indeed, all who have, cannot be Christians or become Christians, unless they repent of that sin.

Are all Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Deacons, still such, if they received the jabb?

Once again, it depends on informed consent. If they did it to become a transhuman, then, they are clearly apostates and hold no longer any office or dignity or munus in the Church. A pope would no longer be pope, a Cardinal would no longer be a Cardinal, and Bishop would no longer be a Bishop of the Catholic Church.

However, if they were deceived into thinking it was a mere vaccine, then their level of moral responsibility depends on what they were capable of knowing and what due diligence they took before taking it.

Because, just  as in the case of every medicine and medical procedure, that might kill you, if you take it, without doing anything to investigate the risk, you are morally responsible for your own death, to some degree. But such carelessness or imprudence does not make you an apostate or cause you to be put out of the Church in virtue of canon 1364 (for heresy, apostasy or schism).

Will all who took the jab, be damned?

Once again, it depends on the decision they made. If after being jabbed, they find out what is in the jab and still consent to having been jabbed, they they will be damned for the sin of suicide and rebellion against their Creator.  But if they were totally unaware of that and died by a sudden death, then they are victims.  Fools maybe, but innocent victims in proportion to the greatest of their ignorance and incapacity to understand they were being lied to.

Is the jabb the Mark of the Beast?

From all the information, which is available to me, and from my studies in theology and sacred scripture, I would say most certainly that the Covid “vaccines” must be regarded as the mark of the beast and most likely are the mark of the beast, and that all who have taken them, knowingly or not, are now in a spiritual manner in the power of Satan and his minions in a manner much more real and actual than any sinner has ever been in history.

But I do not think that it is the mark, in the sense that one cannot repent of it.  However, if you got a true DeathSerum injected into you, you need to prepare your soul, for you will be dead sooner than you think.

We know from Scripture, itself, in the Apocalypse, that God will send horrible punishments upon mankind for the sin of taking the Mark, but that God by these punishments wants that men repent. Therefore, it is a truth of Scripture that He will give the grace of repentance and accept repentance even for that sin.