3 thoughts on “93% of the DeathVaxxed died because of the DeathSerum”

  1. I used to have a co-worker who died within, I guess, 1 month after receiving the deathvaxx. I am not sure if it was his 1:st or 2:nd dose. It was blamed on something else though; Underlying health issues.
    The vaccine is like that muscle relaxant drug they use before surgery and that don’t show up in the autopsy so they blame the death on something else.

    God bless!

  2. We know for sure that Mrna genic sera-vaxxed people are dying in significant numbers worldwide (local newspapers are mentioning every day cases of so-called “sudden death” of people, mostly young and in apparent good health).
    We also know for sure by now that:
    A) the Spike protein alone (not talking about graphene oxide nanoparticles) – which is present in current Mrna genic sera – is highly toxic and able to cause permanent DNA damage and defects.
    B) the same Mrna genic sera are produced and tested using aborted fetal cells. This makes, by itself, all Mrna genic sera morally unacceptable to all Christians and Jews alike.
    However, the really relevant issues become now:
    1) Where does the 93% figure come from?
    2) What are the reliable sources for anyone to acknowledge?

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