ITALY: GoldmanSachs Dictatorship creates Apartheid State over DeathVaxx status

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister — his official title is President of the Council of Ministers — has decreed they day before Christmas Eve that you will no longer have civil rights if you are not DeathVaxxed.

He did this by extending the requirement for the SuperGreenPass (i.e. super, because it is intended to make the Earth green by killing off people and businesses faster than the previous version) to many parts of society.

There are now 2 kinds of citizens: those who have rights if Draghi permits them and they take as many jabbs has his globalist handlers want, and those who refuse the jabs and now risk fines and suffer grave inconvenience or exclusion.

Click this image to learn more about the latest psychotic decree:

The result of the new restrictions is not as expected. Counterfeit passes are flooding cellphones, no one is checking them to see if the one presented corresponds to the one presenting, and more and more people are not wearing the mask in the open air — though required in Lazio by the psychotic globalist Governor.

Even the common man on the sidewalk is beginning to recognize that the restrictions are not about health, but about control. And Italians hate being controlled, when they can get away with it.

Even the police are not enforcing the restrictions, as citizens can be seen entering shops without the mask, right next to police stations.

Draghi can blow on his horn of Dictatorship, but with each sounding, the effects are less and less.  Soon his horn will summon revolution. And he knows it and is frightened to his bones, as his pact with Macron, for French troops to defend Italy, signed in November, shows.

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4 thoughts on “ITALY: GoldmanSachs Dictatorship creates Apartheid State over DeathVaxx status”

  1. These Satanic globalists have been controlling the narrative for so long that most people dont even know that they have been hoodwinked. Try to introduce a dose of truth into their brains and they act as if you are the one who is Satan in disguise. The hierarchy of the Church is so compromised that many are Judas in disguised bc they go after money as a necessary element in the survival of Christs Church.It is a necessary element ,but not when the enemy has such control that Christs truth is silenced to keep the money flowing.

  2. He looks tormented. Good! I hope they are all, (sellout politicians), in torment as they rehearse for their places in hell!

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