Happy New Year and good-bye to liberty in Italy

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Matteo Demicheli and Attorney Silva Pini recount the end of liberty in Italy. After reporting, the other day, that 5 professional athletes died of the DeathSerum in the space of just 3 days around Christmas, Demicheli interviews Attorney Pini about the real significance of the latest apartheid decree of the GoldmanSachs Dictator Mario Draghi.

The entire contents of the first Article of the Italian constitution have been emptied of all contents:  The Italian Republic is a democracy founded upon work.  There is no no right to work and no government which represents the views of the people — seeing that the latest polls show that less than 20% of the populace want Draghi’s government to stay in power.

The latest diktat is founded upon a declaration of a state of emergency which is unconstitutional, since the constitution limits such declarations to cases in which there is a military war upon Italian soil. It violates the law, further, in that such declaration can extend no longer than 2 years, but Draghi has unilaterally extended it beyond January 30, 2022, to March 31, 2022.

Constitutionally, a decree of the Prime Minister can in nowise limit or restrict the constitutional rights of anyone let alone of the entire nation.

The new restriction requires the DeathVaxx for all public transport and all public events, even religious ones, in addition to banning all work for those who are not deathvaxxed.

With the current restrictions, those living in Sicily or Sardinia are de facto imprisoned since they cannot take a ferry or plane to leave their island.

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year and good-bye to liberty in Italy”

  1. How many will accept this and for how long?

    u. von der l. was very clear: trying to teach a lesson to Poland, she ordered ALL EU-countries to obey the EU-legislation…..
    What dictator d. tries is VIOLATING THE EU-LEGISLATION that goes before national laws: his invalid outings violate as well the Italian constitution.
    So, unwillingly, ursula undermines all virusrules.
    Hurrah for ursula! who btw got her job because of her marriage to vaccine-seller heiko von der l., and because of this lethal conflict of interest she has to quit that job.

  2. The actual people doesn’t know how to fight, because they were misleaded in the educational system, turning them in believers of utopies: “We humans are all brothers and sisters, love and peace”, etc. That’s not real, specially when it comes to vital resources like water, oil, foods, etc. Marching and chanting is not fighting against tyranny, specially for those who don’t believe and don’t care about democracy or the people’s voice. Think again, think better, and train yourself to get back freedom for real.

  3. It sounds like Italy is suffering under the same kind of fascist totalitarian takeover that every other country in the world is experiencing in differing degrees these days. Is it time to ask God to lend a hand yet? He could end all the evil bully boy nonsense of all the world’s liars, traitors, and thugs in an instant. But we need to ask Him in the right way – with deep respect and child-like faith – and to ask Him in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He knows the parable of the judge who gave in to the woman who kept after him. After all, He taught it to us. If several hundred million people from everywhere in the world keep asking for His help against this evil global tyranny, He will help us in His own good time and in His own good way. In the world we will always have tribulation, of course, but we should be of good cheer, for Christ has overcome the world.

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