How to be a Catholic: Episode #10: True Catholic devotion to Our Lady

In this episode, Br. Bugnolo reminds us how important and efficacious it is to be devoted to Our Lady. A timely reminder for the New Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty-two.

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16 thoughts on “How to be a Catholic: Episode #10: True Catholic devotion to Our Lady”

  1. That was a truly beautiful story, Br. Bugnolo, and I was smiling, laughing and crying too ❤️!!! Ave Maria ❤️🙏🏻

  2. Thank you for restoring my memory of this wonderful miracle. I remember reading about it a long long time ago. Absolutely a beautiful holy story of God’s Greatness in honour of His Mother. He will never refuse Her anything. O Holy Mother of God be with us sinners on this happy day remembering your virtues.

  3. Hi, my two sons and I had an encounter with our Lady last summer (15/08/2020). I took the boys camping in Oxfordshire for a few days and as a treat for us afterwards booked a couple of days in an hotel for a bit of the easy life. I didn’t realise at the time of booking that The hotel ”Heythrop Park Resort”, was once the home of Heythrop College.
    It was my first stay at an hotel during covid and was a particularly unpleasant experience due to the slew of regulations and restrictions- definitely not the “easy life” I was eagerly anticipating after some particularly heavy rainfall over the preceding couple of days under canvas.
    While escaping the confines of the hotel and walking in the grounds I felt compelled to search in the woods and came across a shrine to Our Lady, i would post a picture to show how concealed it is from general view (geo coordinates –
    N 51.93552° W 1.46741).
    For me it was a reawakening, a moment of awe and hope in these troubling times.

  4. The inscription on the statue reads “ECCE MATER TUA”, which I think means Mother of us all?

  5. Dear Brother Alexis, a Blessed New Year to you !
    I am a married for 19 years with 4 children, thanks be to God !! My husband and I come from Poland – we were children at the time of the communist regime – my family in hiding in 1981 during martial law as my father was involved in the solidarity movement – we ended up in Canada as political refugees
    I have always been catholic but it was not until life confession and deliverance prayers that both my husband and began to be Catholics.
    Only by the grace of God did we begin to see the errors – washed down liturgy , Communion on the hand etc.
    This whole scandemic has taken us on a whirlwind – currently there is dispensation for the Sunday obligation- we have chosen to remain at home – read the missal and pray the rosary – our bishop has forbidden the priests of his diocese to grant religious exemptions for the death vax –
    People are losing their livelihood- a means to support their families and the bishops will not back us up –
    My question Brother , what do we do for Mass – for the sacraments? Most especially confession? To go along with the diktats in the local parishes now is against everything we believe in – but to put our souls and the souls of our children in grave danger is what is most terrifying.
    Every time I walk into a church I have the mind to rip all the tape up and throw all the sanitizers out the door – but I know that’s not a rational reaction – what do we do – without divulging too much sensitive information we do have acces to the sacraments and Mass once a month
    What are we to do in the meantime ?
    With prayers and sincere wishes for a blessed new Year

    1. Pray the rosary, the act of contrition and make devout spiritual communions before an image of rhe Sacred Heart and He will bless u with perseverance.

  6. Dear Bro. Alexis,

    A friend shared this post on the Miraculous healing of the man’s leg restored! I am grateful and very powerful.. I tried to find online and only found a short version…below.Miracles, Cures, and Signs

    The chapel originally built by Saint James was later destroyed as were several subsequent chapels on the same site. The statue and pillar have been preserved however for almost 2000 years. Numerous healings throughout the ages have been attributed to the Virgin by those visiting the site seeking her help.

    One day a young man named Miguel Juan Pellicer di Calandra had a fairly serious accident. His knee needed to be amputated. He prayed before surgery, and again afterwards, thanking God for still being alive. But he could no longer work and he became a beggar … Each day when he returned to his home, he would put oil from the lamps in the sanctuary on his scar. Two years and five months after the amputation, after praying to Our Lady of the Pillar as usual, he fell asleep and the next morning he awoke with two legs!

    An investigation was conducted and the news of the miracle spread.

    I never realized that St. Joseph images should not be holding or touching Our Lady. Our Catholic Churches over the years have statues of the Holy Family with St. Joseph’s arm around Our Lady’s shoulder as well as Religious Mass Cards etc…
    I thank you for clarifying this!

    May the Christmas Season and New Year bring us all closer to Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady! God Bless you!

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