62 Million will die from heart failure, by end of 2022, due to the DeathVaxx

To read this article in your language, click the image above, and then in the top right, chose the language in the mini drop down menu. — This is another article for the godless globalists in Dublin, Ireland, who troll FromRome.Info, asking, “Where are all the deaths?” —  As a public notice, their IPs are being recorded so that Nuremburg 2.0 can track down what role they had personally in genociding Ireland and psyoping the innocent on social media, so that the Tribunal can try them and hang them if found guilty.

Br. Bugnolo’s translation of the Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, 2nd Edition

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

You may not know, but before I stared FromRome.Info, I spent my time translating the writings of Saints from Latin to English.

My first translation was the collected writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, from the critical edition of Kajetan Esser OFM.

That translation is now in its second edition, and is back in print. There are only a few hundred copies available, so it is being offered for a donation on a first come basis.

(see photo above).

For more information or to order a copy from the publisher, go to the Franciscan Archive. — You will find it as the 3rd publication on that page.

Please note that because of Covid restrictions, this book cannot be shipped to Australia.

CREDITS:  The photo above shows stacks of the 2nd Edition.