Mattarella re-elected President, to guarantee the rape of the Italian Constitution

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The election of Sergio Mattarella, current President of the Italian Republic, to a second term represents a defeat for both Mario Draghi and the Italian People.

For Mario Draghi, it was his last chance to obtain immunity for all his misdeeds, since Prime Ministers in Italian law are, unlike Parliamentarians and the President, not immune if they are not a MP at time of their election.

For Italy, too, it was a defeat, since in the last 2 years and in his very first term, Mattarella has stood in favor of every transgression of the Italian Constitution. And that is why he is so beloved of the despotic political class which is making Italy worse than any Latin American bannana dictatorship.

It is strongly rumoured, however, that Mattarella will support another Draghi government. The Italian PM must tender his resignation upon the election of the President, as a formal courtesy. This means that in one sense, Draghi might have more power, but in another sense, be weaker, in a second government mandate, because it is evident that the Parliament does not want to admit him to their political privileges.

This may mean that Draghi will be more susceptible to the malcontent of his coalition government on continuing the extreme Covid-19 regulations, as more and more supporters of each member of that alliance, speak out against the DeathVaxxes and the absurd irrational controls.

If I am correct in this assessment, the Covid controls may soon come to an end in Italy.

Where are all the deaths?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Globalists trolls are saying that I exaggerate when I say 2 Billion will die or that people will start dropping dead on the side walk by summer.

They could not give a bleep about how many die.

I however mourn each soul.

So to keep their memories alive, here are just a few tweets which I saw from today, without even searching, which show the true story. Please note that all these tweets are from Jan. 31, 2022!

Do I need to go on?

For the deranged psychopathic globalist trolls, the only problem here is Br. Bugnolo warning people not to commit suicide. I think these trolls will burn in hell, after dying of the DeathVaxx, which they love more than life and truth.

Are the Covid-19 Vaccines the cause. Here is some data, you decide:

John Parsons interviews Br. Bugnolo: The Trucker Convoy & the Great Reset


Countdown Radio produces a program for Christians which is aired in Minneapolis at 7 AM on Sunday Morning. After a report about the Trucker Convoy, John Parsons asks Br. Bugnolo whether he sees this event as a reaction to the Great Reset and what it might tell us about the future of popular discontent and Globalist reprisals. My interview begins at 16:07 into this recording.

By the way, if Trudeau thinks the Trucker Convoy has ended, he has seen nothing yet:

And, one wonders how the Castro-look-alike Globalist puppet thinks of this:

Myron Coureval Fagan warned us of the Great Reset 50 years ago (Radio Recording)

Editor’s Note: For more on Fagan, see

In the video above, Fagan traces the history of the Illuminati backed by the Rothschilds to the plan for the enslavement of all humanity in the service of Satan. It is a confirmation of his warning, that Mario Draghi, the Prime Minister of Italy, is himself a member of the Illuminati and former VP of Goldman Sachs, of New York City.

The above recording it taken from a record recorded in 1967-1968.  At the above link at Wikipedia you can also find links to the FBI files gathered against Myron by the Illuminati in the US Govt.

I most highly recommend you to take the time to listen to this 2.5 hour recording, as the one conference which ties all the lose strings of facts together regarding the Great Reset and who is behind it, as it shows the hierarchical order among the Masonic Lodges, the Deep State, the Council on Foreign Relations, the founding of Communist Regime in Russia and the Hitler Regime in German, and most of all the Illuminati, controlled by the Rothschilds, and their one world government, the United Nations, which through the World Health Organization launched the Scamdemic.

Alessandro Sallusti: Tomorrow Draghi will become Despot of Italy

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The dire political situation of Italy was put in succinct and stark terms yesterday by the Editor of one of the leading daily newspapers, the LIbero:  Alessandro Sallusti.

Who was quoted in no uncertain terms in his own newspaper:  “Beginning tomorrow, Draghi will give the orders”.

Draghi, an ex-Vice President of the New York investment house, turned bank, Goldman Sachs, which servers as a front for the  Skull and Bones Banks in that city, has been recently criticized by members of parliament for raping the constitutional order regarding the selection of the President of the in-name-only Republic of Italy, by offering positions in the new government to those who support his election as president, and demanding a vote of confirmation on a simply majority or govt. collapses vote, as he has run his dictatorship for the last 12 months.

So great is the disgust and hatred for Draghi, that his home address, as Prime Minister was recently published on Telegram, in an evident move by the opposition to encourage face-to-face confrontation between subjects of the Dicatorship and their “I take my commands from New York” regent.

Alessandro Sallusti sums up the sentiment of the majority of Italians, only 19% of whom would vote for the Draghi government if given the chance, when he says:  “If as of yesterday they used to call Mario Draghi a dictator, by tomorrow he will become a despot.”

And this, because as President of the Republic, with total immunity from prosecution, having selected a government of his co-plotters in the downfall of the Republic, he will be the sole strong man running the country.

Sallusti, with the cynical irony Italians are very prone too, remarked, in regard to what will happen to Italy: “Draghi may be very good for the economy” — which has collapsed at his direction — “but not so good for democracy” — which will be buried definitively with his rise to the Quirinale, the residence of the President.