The Great Reset is working toward making the Matrix a reality

An introduction to the topic, to catch your interest:

The reality of what they are planing:

How the Covid “vaccines” will achieve this:

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4 thoughts on “The Great Reset is working toward making the Matrix a reality”

  1. I owned a Google cardboard, which let you experience some Virtual Reality in combination with an app, via your phone.
    It is mighty addictive, even in this simple form.
    It’s satanic because it omits every wonder God has created the first 5 days!

  2. There is a prediction from Ray Kurzweil, the authority in the field of AI. I read his book “Singularity is near”. He predicts that in 2029 computers will be as smart as humans.
    After that, we will be like cattle, because computers will continue to improve exponential.

  3. British ‘Funeral Director’-The Governments Lie-states in his video-that COVID Never existed & that his mortuary groups know about this-been bribed.. He found out all the facts- carrying out his regular business activities which included the fact that all covid deaths are caused by the vaccine not the common cold and that so-called covid deaths prior to the vaccine were no different to normal death stats IE. no increase, but after the vaccine the death stats went through the roof! Putting in the Hyperlink to this imperative Video for all to know the truth.

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