The Story of how Christian faith protected a Community from Covid & Autism

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5 thoughts on “The Story of how Christian faith protected a Community from Covid & Autism”

  1. My sister has a brain damage and she is autistic. In 1967, when she was two, she fell ill with encephalitis, as a result of which she spent a period in a coma. The doctors had said she could not be saved.
    My parents, were desperate. They went to San Giovanni Rotondo and search for Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, with the intention of imploring him to pray for the little daughter. At that time he had not yet been named a saint, of course, but he was already famous due his miracles.

    My parents were waiting for the Saint standing in the crowd of faithful outside the church. As Padre Pio arrived, he approached my mother, putting a hand on her shoulder and he asked her:
    – Sister, do you believe I can help you? –
    My mother, surprised, replayed: – Yes, of course, I came from far away to see you…-
    To which Padre Pio replayed: – Then go back, sister, everything will be fine with your daughter. –

    At the same moment, an aunt who was next to my sister’s bed, who still lied in state of coma in the hospital. At the very same moment, my aunt smelled a scent of flowers and saw a movement of her fingers. The first activity in months of immobility.
    Every week, on the same day, as long as my sister laid there, they could smell that scent of flowers by her bed.

    My sister came out of a coma and she still enjoys the gift of life, although she got severe brain damaged. This story was told to me by my family in the following years, because I was 5 years at the time, so I remember very little.
    A few years ago I discovered that in 1967 my sister was subjected to the vaccination campaign against polio, just before getting ill. I knew of the possible links between vaccinations and autism, so I got suspicious. Of course it is impossible to find evidence after so many years, but I talked about it with a relative who is a doctor with great experience in the field of autism spectrum diseases. She actually chose that specialization influenced by my sister’s handicap.

    To my great surprise, she sent me educational sheets intended for medical personnel, in which the authorities deny the connections between vaccinations and autism, branding them as unfounded. No data were brought to demonstrate this thesis. Brainwashing.

  2. The Mennonites near me in Virginia went back to normal very early. That is why I enjoy shopping at their country store – no masks among the employees and they treat people normally, so thanks be to God.

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