Welcome to 2022 A. D., and Beware of 2:22 AM on Feb. 22nd!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Welcome to the Two-Thousand and Twenty-second year of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

But beware, that since our governments have been taken over by Satanists, they are going to make much of 2 0 2 2,

Be especially cautious of 2:22 A. M. on 02/22 in 2022, since that adds up to 666.

Beware of what? I do not know. A Blackout? A Stockmarket crash? The election of Bergoglio’s successor (he would have to die or resign sometime after Feb 1st to cause a possible election on that date).

There are probably other days and moments in the year that these psychopaths will mark with their infamies. Perhaps you can think of them and suggest them in the comments, below:

As Christians, we need to counter Satanism with prayer to Christ Jesus and the use of the sign of the Cross and blessed Crosses.

A large wooden hand-held cross is also a good self-defense weapon, but I jest.

We Catholics and the Orthodox also have holy water, which is blessed and/or exorcised, and clearly this is hateful to the Globalists, since they removed it from all our Churches in the name of “sanitary guidelines”.

So get prepared. Resist. And fight back, first of all spiritually.


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30 thoughts on “Welcome to 2022 A. D., and Beware of 2:22 AM on Feb. 22nd!”

    1. Can somebody tell me if anything actually happened today concerning the numerology? Brother Bugnolo, do you know?

      1. For anyone wondering I found it out
        On 2:22 p.m. EST “President “Joe Biden announced in his speech that Russia’s move into Ukraine was “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

      2. Biden announced that Russia has invaded the Ukraine, which would trigger military intervention by the UK and the USA to defend her. A Potential WW3

  1. U.A. or N.O., 22 ii is still a cathedral feast of Peter:
    Portae inferi non praevalebunt.

    1. That is correct, Feb. 22 is the Feast of the Chair or Cathedra of St. Peter, the Apostle.

      1. In N.O., that in Rome; in U.A., that in Antioch.

        The UA celebration of his Roman seat (18 i) is what used to initiate Church Unity Octave, closing w/ Conversion of St Paul.

  2. 2/02/2022 is the Feast of The Presentation of Our Lord in The Temple. God Wins . 666 is a loser.

  3. Also, February is designated as the Month of the Passion of Our Lord. And Feb 22 takes place in the Season of Septuagesima.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Brother Alexis. It’s not likely I would have snapped on that and it’s good awareness to have.

    Will spread the word… forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes!

  5. I believe they are going to unleash something that will take out all those who have been “vaccinated,” i.e., taken the death jab, as a type of human sacrifice. It is obvious they are desperate to force as many people to get jabbed as possible by a certain date.

  6. The whole year is tainted by 666 2 -0- 2- 2 there are 3 two’s and if you multiply each two by 3 you have 666. This came to me the other day.

  7. I’ve been seeing the number 66 a lot over over the last couple of years and wondering what, if anything, it means. Tied into your dates idea it gives:
    (UK date format)
    5/1/2022- further lockdowns and 5G switch on in UK?

    And possibly


  8. A very good weapon is the Judgement call to Archangel Michael:
    the Russian communists were so afraid of it that in de sixties they begged the Church in Rome to abolish this prayer that was said after the Sunday mass. And: !! the Church DID abolish it……
    This is a proof that prayers are not just idle whispering, but
    have power.

    1. I read the numbers not as numbers but as individual symbols and simply added 2 + 2 + 2 to get 6….So I read as one might read an inscription.

  9. January 5th.
    March 10 2020 to January 5th is 666 days.

    According to the Jewish calendar since September 2021 it is a Shemitah year (cleansing).

    2022 – the year of the Cross

  10. I’m still looking at January for the Cyber Polygon blackout
    with no power or water. That would cause the most damage.
    More people would freeze to death. The February 2 scenario
    makes a lot of sense to psychopaths who believe in nonsense
    like numerology.

  11. 8th July, declaration of Independence and Liberty Bell cracks…(same date) also according to a recent movie released on 24/12/2021 “our planet will be destroyed and all will be dead” in 6 months and 14 days, 6m and 14 days from Christmas eve 2021 is exactly 8th of July 2022…

    1. The world will not end in June, since the events foretold in the Apocalypse have not yet occurred…..

  12. Well this has aged pretty well (for real) given events in Russia+Ukraine on 2-22-2022. And to think that Russia even telegraphed the same way back on December 27th:


    “At 4am on 22 Feb you’ll feel [our new policy]. I’d like 2022 to be peaceful. But I love the truth, for 70 years I’ve said the truth. It won’t be peaceful. It will be a year when Russia once again becomes great.”

    To top it off, Feb 22nd is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter… a chair that is presently occupied by an interloper.

  13. From Hal Turner:
    World –
    Russian Federation Council GRANTS PERMISSION For Use of Russia Forces “Outside the nation”

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