NETHERLANDS: Riot Police use extreme violence to squash anti-Globalist protest

Needless to say, that the Policemen who did these crimes need to be identified and arrested.

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5 thoughts on “NETHERLANDS: Riot Police use extreme violence to squash anti-Globalist protest”

  1. Crazy how the majority let e few violent hooligans with sticks and dogs assault them, don’t help each other and don’t stick together. It makes me wonder how come there are no citizens arrests for violent crimes by a few?

  2. partly in Dutch: wefster femke schwab needs to be chased from the beautiful city of Amsterdam with ‘pek en veren’.

    She is a shame for the whole country, with her fellow weffers:
    rutte, zorreguieta, schouten, kaag, dj omtzigt, sybesma, hoekstra, dijkgraaf etc. etc..
    They all are to be indicted rightaway, together with police-chiefs who refuse to defend the constitution they swore to defend.

  3. Report from the Netherlands:
    Unfortunately there were indeed again some excesses by a small and sinister part of the police force, which were totally unnecessary and unprovoked. Luckily, most police officers acted with restraint and part of the police force was even on strike because of working conditions. This strike was the reason the mayor of Amsterdam revoked the permission of the protest she had previously given, causing the protest to become illegal. Only because the protest was illegal, the police ordered the peaceful protesters to leave the Museumsquare (with the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks Museum). The more than 10.000 protesters left the square into the direction ordered by the police, into the only street, that was left open by the police. This street was suddenly blocked by other police forces. It is still unclear what was the reason for this blockade, trapping more than 10.000 peaceful protesters between two menacing police fronts, both with water cannon and police dogs. Was it a miscommunication within the police? Was the original plan to arrest all 10.000 protesters? Or worse? It was at this police-blockade that the excesses took place, mostly by sinister plaincloth agents and police-dog handlers. Fortunately, the protesters were able to (almost) peacefully pass the police-blockade in the street, helped by their sheer number and the restraint of part of the police force there. No watercannon were used and the protesters marched dry and without further problems some miles to a park, in which was a gathering (with permission of the mayor) of the political party Forum for Democracy (four MP’s), that opposes lockdowns. All was peaceful, some thousands protesters even returned to the Museum Square for a little “afterparty”, without further problems, except for the sneaky arrests of the army-veterans among the protesters by sinister plain-cloth police agents. These arrests and the fact that some protestors got wounded at the ill-conceived police blockade, are to deplore, but overall I think that the majority of the police is to be thanked for their restraint.

  4. Knew this was inevitable after the New Year. Globalist Nazi Communist Cabal (Totalitarian/Authoritarian) are going to go all out…They KNOW their time is short to TAKE OVER.
    Going to find out exactly how much courage the world possesses based in faith in God and his rights of liberty and freedom opposing the Psychos.

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