Vatican Office of the Secretary of State: Benedict XVI is the Supreme Pontiff

English Summmary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is human nature, that after great battles, one desires great signs of victory. But life and history often deceive our expectations for grand theatrical resolutions. And today’s news is just such a revelation.

In keeping with the Feb. 18, 2019 letter by Msgr. Braga, a functionary of the Secretary of State, who acknowledged in an official letter that Benedict XVI was to be addressed, “Your Holiness”, a title reserved to the sole Roman Pontiff — a detail reported on by FromRome.Info, here — a further development was taken by that same Office in November of this year, as revealed by a correspondent of Andrea Cionci, today in his article linked above.

This time the letter was in Italian, to a resident of Italy and dated Nov. 13, 2021:

The Italian text you can see in the photo above. Here is my English translation:

Dear Lady,

The Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has received your courteous letter of October 21st, last, in which you have directed to him your expressions of filial devotion.

Aware of your sentiments of manifest devotion, the Supreme Pontiff encourages you to turn your gaze with always greater trust to the Heavenly Father, Whose Face of tender love shines in Jesus the Redeemer, in the certainty that the Goodness of God arranges everything for the true good of those who allow themselves to be guided by His Will, by offering a decisive witness of faith and virtue.  Pope Benedict, while assuring you and your family of a remembrance in his prayers, invokes upon each of you the heavenly protection of Saint Joseph and of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Hope, and willingly imparts upon you and all your dear ones, from his heart, His paternal Benediction, as a pledge of peace and Christian fortitude.

As can be seen from this text, there is an absolutely un-equivocal identification of the Supreme Pontiff with Benedict XVI.

And from the text itself, which appears prepared in close consultation with the Holy Father, one can gather also an important message for the universal Church, now that it has been announced without refutation, that Bergoglio, the usurper of the Apostolic Throne, is dying and that the Cardinals are mobilizing. Mobilizing in my opinion, now that I have seen this letter, to restore Pope Benedict XVI to the Apostolic Throne.

To read Andrea Cionci’s article, in Italian click the image at the top of this page.

For a whole series of testimonies which show that the Vatican has always known that Benedict XVI is the pope, even while Bergoglio has pranced about the world claiming that title, see our Index on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, in the Section entitled, “Confirmations from Rome that Benedict is the Pope”.

Of course those die-hard atheists who insist that Bergoglio, the pedophile promoter, is the Pope, will ignore this as they ignore all of reality and their own sins, but Catholics can see the truth for what it is.  That some of these atheists rush to defend Catholic priests who are accused of pedophilia, while ignoring for 8 years the canoniical arguments, facts and testimonies that Benedict XVI is the Pope says everything.  Benedict XVI expelled more pedos from the clergy than any Pope in history, and for that sin, he must be, in their eyes, damned from all memory and recognition.

For why Pope Benedict XVI calls himself “emeritus”, see my editorial from last week.

Finally, as a footnote, FromRome.Info wishes to acknowledge the respect accorded to it by Il Sismografo (published by Vatican Press Office insiders), for having reflected an article our ours, in their own words, about the swollen lip of Bergoglio.  Another sign, that at last, a sea-change has begun at the Vatican.

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8 thoughts on “Vatican Office of the Secretary of State: Benedict XVI is the Supreme Pontiff”

  1. If this is true, it gives me great hope for our Holy Church. Thank you for publishing this, I will distribute it to as many in my circle who want this stunning information.


    The TRUTH about bergoglio is, was, and always has been clearly recognizable from his fruits.

    The TRUTH about bergoglio is, was. and always has been that he is an ENEMY of JESUS CHRIST and HIS ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH, a DESTROYER of souls, and a COUNTERFEIT who is a minion of satan along with the bergoglian cabal / mafia of his accomplices within and outside the counterfeit vatican 2 church of satan.

    ALL the members of satan’s church are ALL those world-wide followers of satan including bergoglio who are choosing eternal damnation, choosing to populate hell, and choosing therefore to be with and imitate their father satan [who is a liar and a murderer] in HELL for all eternity unless they repent.


  3. The msm is certainly not reporting this which means that their narrative remains the greater influence in the battle for true news. It seems
    We must hope for the Truth to come from God in the manner of prophets crying out in the wilderness.
    like RF Kennedy Jr…and his new book which is #1 on the best seller list in the US…and FromRome Info.Any other sources I hope others will make known to us. And Pray Mary’s Rosary…shes the final victory.



  4. Buongiorno fra Alexis, da circa 12 ore a questa parte i media mainstream stanno riportando all’unisono e in perfetta sincronia la notizia che Benedetto XVI quando era arcivescovo di Monaco e Frisinga abbia coperto e/o non inquisito gli abusi sessuali compiuti da un sacerdote. Perché questa notizia viene riportata proprio ora? É attendibile? C’é un regia dietro atta ad infangare l’immagine del Pontefice in sede impedita? Gentilmente potresti scrivere un articolo in proposito? Io sinceramente non credo neanche piú ad una parola dei media mainstream che sono disonesti, faziosi, falsificatori e che hanno il potere di trasformare un santo in un diavolo e viceversa.

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