The Covid Scam has fallen apart — It’s over…

Editor’s NOTE: John Rappaport is one of the most authoritative journalists on the topic of vaccines and vaccine injuries. While we might object to him saying, it’s over, his judgement and record merit attention to what he is saying.

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7 thoughts on “The Covid Scam has fallen apart — It’s over…”

  1. I wish it had… Unfortunately, any sparkle of logic (or, conversely, any logical error) means nothing when there is a global government’s project ongoing and running successfully. Will the FDA react to their own recent slip of tongue afterwards? Hardly. Like in the case of “vaccination”: you have been jabbed; you are , therefore, protected; BUT you must wear your muzzle, nonetheless. And so on, and so forth.

  2. One commenter there mentions the test will be replaced by another test, so this will continue it seems. More hope for the hypnotized that their overlords are working diligently to save them.

  3. Pills will replace the jab. Bingo! Less tracable, make custom batches cheap, with less medical landfill. Only draw back: The humanure coming out the other end will be genetically modified as well, surely xhanging entire soil bioms and ecologies.

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