Resistance grows to 30% of Italians

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the latest poll, the numbers of those who categorically are refusing the DeathSerum has grown by 50% to 30% of the population. ( published the figures for regional resistance back in October — click the image above to read that article in Italian). The Government, itself, admitted in mid December, that 30% of all requested permissions for public demonstrations, in the last year, were against the Sanitary Dictatorship and the DeathSerums.

Leading in the resistance are the regions of Italy, Venice and Lombardy. — All areas from which I have relatives, I am proud to say.  Lazio is not far behind, here in the Capital region.

The shocking findings are tempering the boldness of the government, which is said to be planning to impose a DeathVaxx obligation for all over 18 yrs of age, though numerous commentators from the controlled opposition are denying this or discounting it.

The French Parliament’s decision to botch Macron’s move to turn the Sanitary passport, without which one cannot participate in many public events and services, into a Vaccine Passport, will certainly send shivers down Mario Draghi’s spine.

In fear for his life, after the large protest in October, the Italian prime minister had signed a bilateral pact with Macron to allow French Troops to quell civil disorders in Italy. But if the French do not adopt a Vaccine Passport, it seems unlikely that Draghi will be able to count on them if things spiral out of control here in Italy.

The announcement by the Committee for the Salvation of the Republic, on January 2, 2022, inviting the Armed Forces to arrest the government will certain add to the tremors and sweat the Goldman Sachs ex-VP will have to execute the final stages of his plan for “creative destruction” of the Italian people and economy.

A Look ahead to 2022 A. D.

In this video AJ Baalman and Br. Bugnolo speak about Ordo Militaris Catholicus and its apostolates, Ordo Militaris Radio TV and Cross Azure. The future and past of the Order and the great conversion which needs to come over Catholics and Christians who having refused the DeathSerums / Mark of the Beast, need now to prepare for the final Armageddon against the Antichrist.

USA: 100 Thousand are dying each Month from the DeathVaxx

Editors Note: Pass over the 13 minutes of anarchist / anagorgist rhetoric and self-promotion by the speaker at the beginning of the video, and advance to time stamp at 13:00.  — This speaker does not know what he is talking about 1 million excess deaths for 2022 in the USA.  The rate of jabbing in the USA means that, if AIDS which it will produce in 12 months leads to higher mortality, we may see 1 Million excess deaths PER WEEK at the height of the tragedy which is about to surge in the USA.

For the last 6 weeks, FromRome.Info has been trolled from the USA and Germany by commentators declaring, “No one is dying”, “Bugnolo is a liar”.  They can eat crow, now.