A Look ahead to 2022 A. D.

In this video AJ Baalman and Br. Bugnolo speak about Ordo Militaris Catholicus and its apostolates, Ordo Militaris Radio TV and Cross Azure. The future and past of the Order and the great conversion which needs to come over Catholics and Christians who having refused the DeathSerums / Mark of the Beast, need now to prepare for the final Armageddon against the Antichrist.

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4 thoughts on “A Look ahead to 2022 A. D.”

  1. Thank you AJ and Br. Bugnolo for your apostolates and your awareness building and encouragement, particularly over the past 20 months.

    Please could you recommend a study or discipline to build authentic Catholic Christian crusaders and masculinity.

  2. Brother Alexis Bugnolo

    Looking forward to your analysis on mandatory vaccination for over 50s in Italy🍷

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