Holographic Blue Beam Technology: a demonstration of what it can do

Editor’s note: This tech is fascinating, but to viewers who are already divorced from reality and incapable of rational thought (Most of the DeathVaxxed), this tech is the ultimate diabolic instrument for inducing mass formation psychosis.

18 thoughts on “Holographic Blue Beam Technology: a demonstration of what it can do”

  1. Si tratta, immagino, della cosiddetta “cospirazione del progetto Blue Beam”, secondo la quale la NASA sarebbe anch’essa al lavoro (in questo caso mediante la realizzazione di effetti olografici) per imporre una religione unica e dare il via al NWO.

  2. All of a sudden, the apocalyptic imagery of St John takes a less “symbolic” reference….

    1. Oh my… Paul, you’re right. We’re going to be reading the Apocalypse in a whole new light… pun unintended!

  3. I am amazed that your brain can focus on so many variations of the human condition in today’s world and see the good and evil in them…and then post them on your videos for our information..Thank you for your challenges to think about the things that really matter.

  4. I have definitely heard of Blue Beam technology not sure if this video is the real thing or just advertisment for it looks like regular video CGI to me.

    1. I do VFX work in Houdini. This is just a bad CGI ad. The interior shot is what gives it away from being any type of hologram. The real life equivalent to this is augmented reality. A flat, transparent screen draws over what is seen from certain angles. This is not holography.

  5. For the record , I am expecting a fake UFO invasion after the financial collapse , using blue beam , but there are several of these videos claiming to be “Holographic Blue Beam Technology” and they are all fake. I have worked in CGI , especially compositing. This video consists of some spire having a lightshow being projected onto the spire itself. Just as they projected the saturn 5 rocket onto the wasington monument for the apollo anivrsary. The rest of the graphics ( stars , planets , explosions) are pure composite . The other video of a claimed dragon flying around a stadium is just a motion tracked composite. Just look at thew people in the stadium , as the so called dragon is flying about ……….. they are all slowly walking to the exist , not even looking at the ‘amazing dragon’ flying around the place. Another such video of of a massive whale leaping from the floor , in a large hall filled with children looking on is fake ……….. again half the kids are not even looking at the whale. They are all composites.

  6. The confirmation the video in question is a fake produced in a studio can be seen on what really have been the (mostly fireworks) Chinese celebrations for 2022 eve in the link below :

    It looks like they are pushing people to believe that incredible images can be artificially produced by using 3D holographic technique, which does not seem to be the case at this stage, yet.

    Similarly, the flow of news from national agences such as NASA, FBI (and CIA, of course !) about UFO and aliens visiting our planet is increasing.

    It’s legitimate to think that “they” know that true supernatural phenomena will take place in the short term (also according to recent prophecies such as the cross appearing in the sky from St. Faustine Kowalska), so their plan is to convince people that the cause is either artificial 3D imagery or some aliens…

    1. Having watched the other vids in recent months RR of both the dragon/ stadium and whale in a hall , both being pushed as holographic projection , I see them as an effort to discredit anyone talking about project bluebeam. I know both videos were not done by an amature. The motion tracking was high end. The lighting / compositing were also professionally done. The humpback whale , leaping from the floor and ‘splashing’ back into the water was either high end fluid simulation , or a very well keyed out clp of a real whale , composited into the hall scene. I believe they were pushed as holographic projection to discredit the bluebeam idea ……… which only server to strengthen the whole theory ……… if they intend to use bluebeam they would definately try to discredit it . Time will tell , but if i wake up some day in the future and see UFO’s all over the sky I know they sure wont be from outer space. heres the whale vid – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLMvww7MbbI&t=6s

  7. Wow! This reminded me of a video of someone watching fireworks on TV above the Seattle Space Needle and looking out their apartment window at the Needle where there were no fireworks happening. I don’t know if that was the same technology or something else, but it just goes to show how we can’t always believe our eyes.

  8. I think after the sign of the cross shows up in the sky (prophesied in the gospel) they will fake a the second coming so everyone worships the antichrist before Jesus returns.

  9. This is not holography. Just bad CGI for a video ad. If it were real, it’d be the equivalent of what is accomplished already at Universal Studios for Harry Potter attractions. Controlled angles, augmented reality, mirrors, and flat screen projections. No open air.

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