Resistance grows to 30% of Italians

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the latest poll, the numbers of those who categorically are refusing the DeathSerum has grown by 50% to 30% of the population. ( published the figures for regional resistance back in October — click the image above to read that article in Italian). The Government, itself, admitted in mid December, that 30% of all requested permissions for public demonstrations, in the last year, were against the Sanitary Dictatorship and the DeathSerums.

Leading in the resistance are the regions of Italy, Venice and Lombardy. — All areas from which I have relatives, I am proud to say.  Lazio is not far behind, here in the Capital region.

The shocking findings are tempering the boldness of the government, which is said to be planning to impose a DeathVaxx obligation for all over 18 yrs of age, though numerous commentators from the controlled opposition are denying this or discounting it.

The French Parliament’s decision to botch Macron’s move to turn the Sanitary passport, without which one cannot participate in many public events and services, into a Vaccine Passport, will certainly send shivers down Mario Draghi’s spine.

In fear for his life, after the large protest in October, the Italian prime minister had signed a bilateral pact with Macron to allow French Troops to quell civil disorders in Italy. But if the French do not adopt a Vaccine Passport, it seems unlikely that Draghi will be able to count on them if things spiral out of control here in Italy.

The announcement by the Committee for the Salvation of the Republic, on January 2, 2022, inviting the Armed Forces to arrest the government will certain add to the tremors and sweat the Goldman Sachs ex-VP will have to execute the final stages of his plan for “creative destruction” of the Italian people and economy.

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11 thoughts on “Resistance grows to 30% of Italians”

  1. My paternal grandfather was from Lombardy, and was definitely NOT the type of man who could be messed with by anyone. He was very independent and enterprising – all six feet four inches of him.

  2. Is there any evidence that members of the Italian armed forces are in fact arresting their superiors? Are they flying the two Italian flags outside their barracks, as the committee for the salvation of the republic requested? Have you seen any indications that it’s finally hitting the fan over there?

    1. No evidence!
      The small minority of Italian police and military forces who are really resisting the Vaxx dictatorship, are resigning their jobs.
      As long as they are monthly paid their salary, Italian police and military will never revolt against the Italian globalist government and their (mostly masonic and deep state) top brass.
      The less corrupted part of police mid-to-top brass would arrest Italian government members if they are given such an order by prosecutors. But for now most of Italian prosecutors and judges are bought (they are organic to the Italian deep state) or not willing to put their career (and very good salaries) at stake acting or ruling against the Italian deep state.
      What is already happening is that a larger and larger percentage of the Italian police is no longer actively and stricty enforcing government restrictions.

      1. Italians are chronically depressed and dissolutioned about their country and fellow man, but it is a verity of humanity that while it is one thing to take a risk to keep one’s job, to force the same to deathvaxx his family members is quite another thing. Man is made in the image and to the likeness of God, and that means that it is in his nature to lash out at evil.

  3. Are you familiar with Clif High and his web bot reports? It’s predictive linguistics derived from gathering and analyzing data from the internet. It rests on the assumption that people are psychic (often without knowing it), and their psychic knowing comes out unwittingly in their language choices.

    The web bot reports from many years back had information about riots in the Vatican, leading to secret books from the Vatican vaults being retrieved, and hidden knowledge being revealed. It looks to me that conditions are heating up in Italy for just such a scenario. You may enjoy conversing with Clif about this.
    His twitter is @clif_high

    1. What you speak of is pure bunk. No such things took place in the Vatican or all Rome would know anout it since 95% of Vat workers live in Rome

  4. Draghi should be considered to be the cloned combined version of Adolf Hitler, Josef Mengele, Heinrich Himmler, Pol Pot, Josef Stalin, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, Augusto Pinochet, Benito Mussolini and Idi Amin, to name a few. In other words, a total psychopath that never should have been granted power over a single human being, animal or plant.

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