USA: 100 Thousand are dying each Month from the DeathVaxx

Editors Note: Pass over the 13 minutes of anarchist / anagorgist rhetoric and self-promotion by the speaker at the beginning of the video, and advance to time stamp at 13:00.  — This speaker does not know what he is talking about 1 million excess deaths for 2022 in the USA.  The rate of jabbing in the USA means that, if AIDS which it will produce in 12 months leads to higher mortality, we may see 1 Million excess deaths PER WEEK at the height of the tragedy which is about to surge in the USA.

For the last 6 weeks, FromRome.Info has been trolled from the USA and Germany by commentators declaring, “No one is dying”, “Bugnolo is a liar”.  They can eat crow, now.

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10 thoughts on “USA: 100 Thousand are dying each Month from the DeathVaxx”

  1. The globalists are missing the target in their kill plan.

    I know zero hard core true conservatives, TLM Catholics or conservative Protestants taking the death jab – we are the breeders; we raise our own livestock and produce, homeschool etc. We will win by out breeding the enemy with our large non PC families. That we can feed ourselves.

  2. Four Soccer players under the age of 30 died after getting the vaxx. This vaxx is a bioweapon and it’s time for the “Great Reset” resulting from the Bio-Warfare is done and OVER.

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    first I have to excuse for my poor english. It’s not my mother tongue but I understand each word you are saying. More than this you are one of the very few reliable sources and I watch you daily. Some days ago I receipt a very frightening message from a fried abroad. It says that even Russia is preparing for mass deaths. They are digging mass graves. The journalist who published this article it an American, living is Russia.

  4. All of these deaths makes me think of psalm 91. “A thousand shall die at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.”
    God bless

  5. I’m a Traditional Latin Catholic and a senior citizen. This is a death shot and I would never allow this jab even if I wasn’t a Catholic. My occupation before my retirement was in the Healthcare Industry and I studied pharmacology. This is not a vaccine, it is experimental. You have no legal recourse if you are injured or die. This entire Covid 19 is pure evil. It has been in the plans for years. I may be old and useless feeder, but I recognize evil from afar.

  6. an acquaintanance’s brother who is a sherriff, says he reports that he is being summoned to noticeably increasing spontaneous deaths of people dying at home .

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