What kind of advanced Nanotech is in the Pfizer Covid-19 “Vaccine”?

This is horrific. The Pfizer Serum contains self building, self assembling nano chip circuitry! Those Jabbed are literally having a connection to the Matrix grow inside them from day 1.

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  1. Steven Be Nun from Israeli news live said in one of his videos that there is alien/fallen angels DNA inside the vaccines.
    It is written in the Bible that fallen angels mingled with the seed of man in the days of Noah. Also that the last days is going to be like the days of Noah.
    I don’t know myself of course but things start to make more sense if it is true.

    God bless

    1. Angels are pure spirits and they have no DNA, nor bodies. They can simulate the appearance of a body, but only holy angels can simulate for a time a body, as it requires Divine assistance. Many are confused over the nature of Angels because they are from religions where holy Angels are not their friends or are not found frequently to intervene, because Holy Angels are disgusted by pride and error, and so you need to find the true Religion to know of their company and nature.

      1. He’s the Spanish researcher in this vid, he’s done amazing work in these vids going back to last year.

  2. Thank you Br

    may God Bless you and preserve you safe under the Ark of Our Lady’s mantle.

    but now i am impelled to inform you that there is one other outstanding ‘thing’ or transcendent element to now consider

    more surreal perhaps than the evidence’s of La Quinta Columna.- which is another level of evil and unmask’s what is behind it all, but which fits into the picture of Revelation and with regards to, as Dr Zelenko correctly deduces [even as of jewish faith], is, in probability terms, an element of the mark of the beast [system]

    the other observable element which i now feel impelled to tell you can be seen on the obscure website Planet x news which provides spectral imagining of an alleged heavenly body. [what looks rather like a huge planet comet]

    As Our Lady has warned us via Luz De Maria, a seer that is watched and listened to by many.

    Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on December 23rd, 2021:
    I have already called my children to remain attentive to the sun; it will interfere with humanity’s apparent calm, forcefully shaking the earth, activating highly dangerous tectonic fault lines and volcanoes. [1] We have called you to prepare yourselves for living without the comforts offered by electricity and means of communication. Children, prepare yourselves!

    please also note – Damian Galeron recent projections for 2022
    [fatima- john paul II Fulda,? La Salette?]

    it is very easy to get tied down or myopic in the horrific character of earthly events, there are also other dimensions in play.

    the spectral imaging which is alleged to be used to observe this heavenly body was, as the ‘video states’, ‘originally developed by NASA and the Department of Defense for remote -sensing applications, it uses ‘multiple bands[?] across the electro magnetic spectrum and can therefore be ‘observed’ via this spectral imaging.’


    this is the observeable factor [ which i have been watching for quite some time] which is interacting [causatively] and cyclically [periodically] perhaps [?] 28 days highly elliptical , fast rotation, [orbitally, electromagnetically with the sun, occasionally affecting the earth [ via earthquakes as postulated by a chilean scientist Carlos Mundoz Fernandoz ? regarding the position of the heavenly body and its causative correspondence to and with geo- graphic regions on earth and via its expression of space radiation.[cosmic rays and cloud seeding and severity and frequencies of storms and also to penetrate the earths crust as to cause tectonic volcanic tensions. etc] and perhaps also to the measureable and observable ‘wander’ of the magnetic geo magnetic pole and its corresponding weakening of the magnetic field/sphere


    it can also be seen/observed via access to the NASA instruments via SOHO and STERO , SPACEWEATHER.COM and WAGES WORLD YOU TUBE CHANNEL [which if accurately observed can provide a 2-4 day window of warning before the discharge hits the earth]

    the causation of the electro-magnetic interactions between this dense metallic planet-comet. [one supposes a bit like a prized ball -bearing that you used to play with as a child in the playground]

    please note that its mass is vast, planetary in radius and circumference

    this provides a perspective and a discoverable new element that chiefly encapsulates the extraordinary character of events on earth and at a climatological and bio-spheric level too as we watch here on earth observable weather phenomenon.

    it is from the helio-spheric dimension that God’s will, will also be done.[see Revelation, Our Lady of Fatima, of Akita, of Garabandal Marie Julie Jahenny, Luz De Maria etc

    perhaps communications will go down soon? please don’t delay and discern yourself Br , i am alerting you to this as i did recently the Intra Body Network via La quinta columna etc

    this heavenly body further substantiates the linear and multi-dimensional apocalyptic context that we find ourselves in.

    please note there is vast debris clouds with this planet comet singular or systemic.

    with love


    1. No source to the video. Also, since I come from a family of astronomy aficionados, and have read Astronomy Magazines from my youth, I know that what is shown appears to be quite other than it is claimed. The kind of imaging used appears to show an object near a very bright object, from our point of view, but very far from that bright object, objectively speaking. Otherwise, like all bodies, it would reflect heat of the brither object, which it does not. Such imaging is used to distinguish distant bodies from one another, but the mere fact that the video does not give the source but claims to show us planet x (which by the way is way further out beyond the orbit of pluto in the Oort cloud) makes me disount the entire thing. Don’t believe everything on youtube. And if major astronomy magazines are not talking about it, do not believe it at all. There is no way to hide a huge stellar object in the inner solar system from the millions of amateur and professional astronomers world wide.

    2. Fisherman; Jesus said that the heavens and the Earth shall be shaken and that “men’s hearts shall fail them for fear at seeing the things coming upon the Earth”

      As to NASA They are plainly the Devil’s tool.. Not all science is Godly!… john B

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