As Pope Benedict’s Restoration looms, Globalists launch last desperate smear campaign

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

From the point of view of Globalists and Bergoglians, Joseph Ratzinger is simply a pope emeritus who has and holds no office or authority in the Church and who resigned validly in 2013 and will never come back into power or ministry. He is a nobody who must and will be silenced.

From the day of his canonical election as Pope, Benedict XVI has been universally smeared by the Globalist press, the very same agencies who hailed Bergoglio as a Saint from the day of his uncanonical election.

So now, that Bergoglio is reported to be dying, and quickly, why are the pro Bergoglian agencies not insisting that he is in good health and that the rumors of his imminent death are false?

Why are they instead launching the last desperate smear campaign against old Joseph Ratzinger, served by one secretary and 2 or 3 nuns in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery at the Vatican?

The attack, you can read from the above, by clicking the image, is the most flimsy that can be mustered.  A future report may toll badly on the former Archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger, from his service there in 1977-1982.

Wow, you have to dig back 50 years for a possibillity that is not even published? By an attorney who was obviously hired to do a hit job?

But what does the accusation consists of.  The former Archbishop did not do enough about a priest who was assigned in the diocese but was from Essen. Someone, about whom, the Archbishop Ratzinger had little canonical jurisdiction, other than ask him to leave, if he was made known of the real activities of the man.

But the article above admits that the reality of this man’s moral perversion was only realized in 2010 when he was definitively removed from priestly service.

But 2010 was when Pope Benedict XVI was in full power and was removing 500 such priests from service.

A priest can only be reduced to the lay state by a Decree either from the Pope or from the Roman Curia.

So they are accusing Pope Benedict XVI of not taking action, when he did take action when he could.

The same article admits that Archbishop Ratzinger’s former Vicar signed a confession taking all responsibility back in 2010. Scriptum manet. And against a self-confession, there is no appeal.

The Vicar claims he was forced. But his accusation is launched against Cardinal Marx, the Archbishop of Munich in 2010, who himself tendered his resignation to Bergoglio in admission of his failure to handle such cases appropriately in the diocese.

In 1982, Joseph Ratzinger was promoted from the Archdiocese of Munich to the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which had limited jurisdiction over bad acting priests in those days.

Since that time, Ratzinger was an ardent proponent of disciplinary measures and was not even allowed to discipline as many as he wanted in the CDF under John Paul II.

Ratzinger is not being accuse in regard to any of his priests at the time, however, it must be noted.

The real import of the story now being run on all Italian TV channels and newspapers, as per the above, is that the Bergoglians could not be this scared of Pope Benedict XVI unless THEY KNEW FOR CERTAIN THAT THERE IS NOW AN ACTIVE AND GROWING CAMPAIGN TO RESTORE HIM TO POWER AS SOON AS BERGOGLIO CROAKS.

That that is the real news of today.

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10 thoughts on “As Pope Benedict’s Restoration looms, Globalists launch last desperate smear campaign”

  1. Shortly before Christmas, the German newspaper “Die Zeit” asked Pope Benedict XVI questions on this subject, which he had answered through Archbishop Gänswein.
    Gänswein replied:
    “The assertion that he (Pope Benedict) had knowledge of the previous history (allegations of sexual assault) at the time of the decision to admit priest H. is false. He had no knowledge of his previous history.”
    These allegations have long since been clarified. With this, the enemies had already tried at the beginning of the pontificate to depose Pope Benedict, but without success, because the accusations proved to be groundless. Now they are trying again.

  2. Must have perfected their “Group Think” lying narrative; just as the Nazis in the U.S. and throughout the world do. Enemy of God is relentless. The Bible assures the forces of Jesus will be under attack until he returns and that’s the way it is. Must stand as Jesus in peace and assurance of God’s victory through the heart of Mary.

  3. The calumny these devils will go to seems limitless. I honestly do know any of folks can ever hope for Heaven.

    1. Children of God yearn for heavenly peace while the souless are oblivious. These beings were engendered to do nothing but to commit heinous crimes against God and humanity.

      I’m afraid they just don’t care where they would end up…

  4. Fr. Malachi Martin warned his readers of a raging battle that was taking place between Papacy and NWO for supreme control. Despite this warning I find it incredible how complex and deep this rabbit hole goes.
    I keep my sanity by thinking of Our Blessed Lady’s promise that She will prevail.

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