Why we do not need Digital IDs

Editor’s Note: After a good intro, the speaker wanders to current topics, from his report out of Mexico, where he has fled out of Australia.

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11 thoughts on “Why we do not need Digital IDs”

  1. Hello Brother Bugnolo. I dont know if you are aware yet but it appears the people of Kazakhstan have revolted and forced their government to resign. The internet has been shut down across the the entire country today. RT reports the people are protesting high fuel prices ….. clear fake excuse – the people are revolting the tyrrany of their treasonous government and have won by the looks of it – here is a video – https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZwcS54UYDKQ7/

    ps – no need to publish this – its just a private message for you

    God bless Brother , from Ireland.

    1. The govt raised natural gas costs 50% and thus caused a massive uprising. I am not covering the new because I have heard no connection with opposing the Great Reset, directly speaking.

      1. Wise decision Br. Bugnolo. Looks now like deep state plot to distract Russia. However, US secretary of state Blinken just telephoned his support to K’stan’s established government.
        US-Russia meeting is planned next week in Geneva. It is all about Ukraine. Let’s hope Biden-administration stays on the peace-track and does not get derailed by hawks and British intel. Otherwise nuclear “apocalypse”.
        Rev. 6:4. And there went out another horse that was red. And to him that sat thereon, it was given that he should take peace from the earth: and that they should kill one another. And a great sword was given to him. (Douay-Rheims)
        Rev. 8:7. And the first angel sounded the trumpet: and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood: and it was cast on the earth. And the third part of the earth was burnt up: and the third part of the trees was burnt up: and all green grass was burnt up. (Douay-Rheims)

  2. Soon we will be able to smell our respective farts from a distance . What a progress! Meanwhile, in 2 years, 5,140,000 deaths by covid (global priority) 21,000,000 deaths by hunger ( no one cares). Come creator spirit visit the souls of your faithful, fill the hearts you have created with grace from above

  3. Just a News tip: In Denmark, it is now proven by authorities own report that if you are fully vaccinated, you have a 50% bigger chance of contracting Moronic / Omicron variant than if you are not vaccinated. Article title: “Denmark: No-vax is PROTECTIVE; Vax INVITES Omicron”. Where: Igor Chudov, Igor’s Substack, at Substack website. Everything starts to look like ADE. I mean, imagine if it was 1982, and that for example 20% of the population got infected with HIV, at the same time. One better start to have a plan, that excludes the need for medical help.

  4. Why do we need vigital id…video
    I find the videos that you find and post here great resources, but from time to time your public has to be careful because this particular one smells like new age info. There was another video that you posted that had new age info as well. Just be careful that the presenters you put here are giving info. but stay with a Catholic approach.

    1. Suggest Catholics to me who are against the Great Reset, and I will post them. For now, I post from all sources, because the message is more urgent than the medium.

  5. Dear Brother Bugnolo

    Thank you for posting this video that condemns digital ID’s.

    It is foolish to believe that a person will never be addressed, or referred to, by their Digital ID.
    Once that dishonour commences, where do further dishonours end? There is only one guarantee, that is not to have one.

    I sent this email to a foolish public servant as a reply to their reply to my No Digital ID email.

    Reply to
    Dear Honourable S. Robert, Member for Fadden

    No Digital ID.

    1st November 2021

    Peter Tritscher
    Unit 2, No 42 Rowland Avenue
    Wollongong, NSW, 2500
    Phone: 0416753150
    Email: petertritscher@yahoo.com

    Topic: No Digital ID.

    Dear Public Servant Digital ID 3182735617,

    Sorry, just joking.

    Thank you for your reply to my email voicing my rejection of a
    Digital ID.

    Notice, you are not immune to be humilitated if you do not refuse to support a Digital ID.

    This sick joke is proof that already you are being dehumanized. Not by me since I reject Digital IDs, but by your supervisor, who does not reject Digital IDs.

    Your sincerely
    Peter Tritscher

    Heavenly Father, save us, I beg.

    Peter Tritscher

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