4 thoughts on “Would you have supported Hitler?”

  1. I trust Michael Hoffman’s assertion that Hitler was an enemy of the German people! However I realize without Jesus Christ and His most Holy and Blessed Mother it is very difficult to be battered by the waves that are purposefully being loosed by planned enemy operation and remain on a Catholic course. Undoubtedly there would have been many Catholics who supported Hitler and opposed him. I oppose the evil machinations of this present regime!

  2. The observation about the legacy media (Sorry, NOT Mainstream) is their realization about ‘Citizen Patriots’ NOT being the Nazis they, themselves were/are. The dismay and questions about how to RE-EDUCATE over half the U.S. population into becoming the Nazis they are while looking so crestfallen was quite simply epic.

    And, the NYT and other legacy media of the late 1930’s in the U.S. DID support Hitler/Nazi Germany just as moneyed elites in the UK. The part calling itself ‘Democrat’ was also the one of Slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow Laws and maintained institutional discrimination through the 70’s. Don’t know of ANY contribution from that group EVER contributing ANYTHING towards the betterment of humanity in any way. Now, it’s the Globalist NWO Nazi Communist Cabal…Comprised of both sides of the aisle in the U.S. It’s actually about Ruling Class Elites of the world TAKING OVER the world to CONTROL >99% of the population and eradicating over a quarter of the total population through several means concurrently employed.

  3. After the Milgram experiment I just assume 97% would’ve supported Hitler and don’t presume I’m in the 3% who wouldn’t have supported Hitler. Since truthful numbers never lie I almost always proceed by the odds.

  4. That is a great headline for an article I am writing about Mass Formation, or Mass Hypnosis, as it actually is, to try to warn people of the end consequences of their inflicted blindness. I would recommend to everyone, find the 3at least three +1 hour interviews with Mattias Desmet on Youtube. And also, look up the Youtube channel “Academy of Ideas”, and especially their mindblowing videos about Mass Formation, and Totalitarianism. Their sister Channel “After School” offers much of the same, but with genious cartoon layouts to make things more easy to understand. All and everything I mentioned should be downloaded and copied. The internet has a kill switch, you know. Mass Formation is absolutely diabolical, and sends its victims directly into a mental prison from which it is no escape, and it have been applied to the extreme from the beginning of this tragedy. Desmet removes all the fog, for anyone who is willing to listen.

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