Dr. Mark McDonald: What is Mass Delusional Psychosis? Symptoms

The second half of this video is taken from InfoWars.com, which succinctly tells the 110 year history of the Globalist Cabal. However, this final section’s exposition of facts, is grossly deficient, because it fails to tell the audience that the Skull and Bones Lodge and Brown Brothers Harriman Bank are the principal players in that Cabal.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Mark McDonald: What is Mass Delusional Psychosis? Symptoms”

  1. Many Mental Health Professionals have observed and felt what McDonald is speaking about. This Mass Formation Psychosis was/is termed by Mattia Desmet out of Ghant, Belgium and I also drew the analogy/similarity to ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Defining this syndrome and speaking about this definitely creating frantic behavior in those of the devil…The Davos Nazi minions really do appear to be losing their edge…

  2. Mattias Desmet in fact explicitly said in the Malone/Desmet/McCoullough-video meeting that; “Psychosis” is NOT the term to use, The Term is “Mass Formation”, or “Crowd Formation”. Psychosis is not the same as Hypnosis. But Formation is the same as Hypnosis. Psychosis is a mental illness in a category of its own, and should not be used to “tabloidize” or whatever, the actual term.

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