The Truth about the Pfizer Serum is about to hit the fan…

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5 thoughts on “The Truth about the Pfizer Serum is about to hit the fan…”

  1. Why are they revealing their corruption? I can’t help but feel they’ll harness the anger of the masses to usher in the one world government.

    1. I have been thinking about that and these are my thoughts: they want to make the bergoglioan “catholic church ” so odious that everybody hates it with good reasons and they are going to blame everything on it. Since most people are convinced the pope is Francis they will think all the church just went bad and that its end has to come. In summary; build a fake catholic church, then destroy the reputation and literally destroy this fake catholic church but the trick is that most of the people will think is the real catholic church. Then after that you grant a period of abundance and peace and at the same time you persecute whatever looks like the catholic church.

  2. They could lie about all this too…..evil is so entrenched everywhere. Pray for truth to prevail. Mary take over! St. Joseph take over! Jesus help us! All Souls and All Saints intercede for us here!

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