AUSTRALIA: Senate votes against Informed Consent & Debate on Mandatory Injections


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4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Senate votes against Informed Consent & Debate on Mandatory Injections”

  1. Utterly unbelievable to think this is Australia. Pray the Rosaries of both Our Lady and St. Joseph in the Holy Spirit every day. Fast on Wed. and Fri. Offer sacrifice in every way possible, laughter and tears to make up for the sins of the world. Things are going to get worse before they get better. We MUST NOT lose this War of the Globalist Cabal allied with Papi Pachamama and the Vatican.

  2. Sadly this doesn’t surprise me in the least, the U.S. wrote this into law a few years ago. A loop hole by which they could maneuver around the pesky little issue of getting/giving informed consent. Most ppl don’t even know it exists. When I ever heard the president of the EU commission say she wants to throw out the Nuremberg Code I knew we were finished. Now just waiting for those virtue signaling mask wearing justices of the SC to uphold hologram Joe’s mandates.

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