Fake Fear vs. Real Fear

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Those who have taken the DeathSerum are gripped in mind and heart with the fear of the Virus!

But such a fear is irrational and not fact based.


  1. SarsCov2 has never been found to exist in any human body.
  2. SarsCov2 has never been found to exist in any animal body.
  3. SarsCov2 has never been isolated by any laboratory in the world.
  4. There is no evidence that anyone who is alleged to die of Covid-19 died of SarsCov2
  5. SarsCov2 is the name given to an artificially constructed Genome read over the telephone from a Marxist Laboratory in Wuhan, to the CDC in the U.S.A.
  6. The Pandemic does not exist, it was declared after alleging 140 deaths.
  7. The symptoms of Covid-19 were found in those who were previous vaccinated for the winter flu in the fall of 2019, and therefore, the only reasonable conclusion is that the cause of that syndrome is some toxin in vaccines.
  8. The alleged deaths from Covid-19 are less than the winder flu in 2018.
  9. The PCR test, according to its true inventor, cannot be used for clinical diagnosis.
  10. Thus, when you are told you have or had Covid-19 because of a positive PCR test, it is a COMPLETE LIE.
  11. Those who are telling you there is a Pandemic are all bought and paid by BigPharma which has made more then 300 Billion off this scam.

But, while the fear of the Pandemic is a false fear, there is a real fear. Because in truth there is an international conspiracy of Globalists to genocide and enslave humanity:

  1. Via a Vaccine Passport system which will never go away, and without which you will not be allowed to have any human or civil rights.
  2. The mRNA serums contain 40 factors which WILL cause instant, sudden or premature death AND/OR grave or permanent disabilities.
  3. The Covid Serums insert a self-assembling 4G/4G wireless router which will tag you like a cow for the rest of yourlife, and transmit your most personal medical information to the internet.
  4. The Covid Serums are not vaccines, they are nano-technology desired to rape your DNA and natural immune system and insert toxis, particles, genetic material and chemicals to kill, maim or take control of your mind, body, heart and organs.
  5. The DeathSerum campaign aims to kill off 6.5 billion human beings and make those who survive it into genetically modified organic robots of the Globalist elite.
  6. The Globalist Cabal, which is perpetrating this crime against humanity are pedophiles, satanists and participate in satanic sacrifice of children.
  7. The Globalist Cabal aims to eliminate Christianity and Western Civilization from the Earth forever.
  8. The Globalist Cabal control and have allied with the CCP in China to conquer the globe by eliminated all national military forces with the DeathVaxx.
  9. Your Governments are no longer your governments, they are bought and paid conspirators in the intentional, premeditated and long-ago planned murder of yourself, your family and all of your descendants.

Choose your fear. Only by embracing one fear, can you hope to live as you have always lived, FREE AND HUMAN.

CREDITS: The photo above is of a exome which is believed to be a Corona Virus. But since no virus has ever been isolated, it might as well be only an exome of a bacteria. This photo is touted as a photo of SarsCov2, but it is no such thing.

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14 thoughts on “Fake Fear vs. Real Fear”

  1. Well said Brother Alexis. We have been deceived on a global scale. Who could orchestrated such a epic deception? Our Lord warned us that Satan, the prince of darkness, is the ruler of this present world (John 12:31). And this crime against humanity fits him perfectly. Speaking about Satan, Our Lord said ” He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.” (John 8:44) But God says do not be afraid because He will be with us always. (Isaiah 41:10). God Bless. Ed

  2. Early on in the “pandemic,” I had a growing skepticism based solely on intuition… spiritual discernment may be the most accurate term. Also, by not relying on corporate media and government entities for information, I acquired far more actual knowledge about the “pandemic” and the agenda behind it. The fear-mongering was so over-the-top, that alone raised suspicions just from a rational perspective.

    I often said it wasn’t SARS- CoV2 I feared so much as the global goverments’ responses to it, which has only gotten worse. It clearly has had almost nothing to do with public health and safety. It has everything to do with our immortal souls. It’s a war against God-given freedom, a war against God Himself.

    Prayerful vigilance has never been more crucial!

  3. There’s a great video with Dr. Michael Yeadon and R. Fuellmich and others on Bitchute. Please check it out and share it with others. I’m not good at posting links. Also, the mind control video you posted on FR today is excellent. Thanks.

  4. What is prior distrust of media and politicians and the casedemic. Shutting down all economies is a stupid move, so either the experts are idiots (in which case, why listen to them?), they made decisions based on emotion (what sort of an expert doesn’t factor the cost of bad decisions), or the experts are evil (and should be put behind bars). The claim that Covid is deadly was not shown by their hysterics (how can a be deadly if people aren’t, well, dying? They keep announcing case numbers as if that alone makes it deadly).

  5. Hi Br. Bugnolo

    I agree with your assessment, but cannot connect the dots of my own illness back in July 2021 where I had symptoms commonly attributed to covid-19 (tiredness during 10 days, kidney pain during 7 days, and headache for 3 days) – symptoms that I have never had with the flu. So since I did not take the 2019 flu vaccine what did I have if it was not covid 19? I also have friends that were in the hospital for 3 weeks back in March 2020 with similar symptoms and I doubt that they had the 2019 flu vaccine.

    Isn’t it possible that covid-19 does exist although its infecuousness and lethality has been greatly overexaggerated?

    1. You are describing common cold symptoms. Kidney pain is often a sign of an inflammation from a bacteriological infection, for example. And you can get such infections from public toilets or toilets shared with others.

      1. The problem is, unfortunately, worse than just a common cold. Patients do develop severe forms of the disease and do die. However, the real CAUSE for that (besides the consequences of an ongoing psychoterrorism) is regular spraying of toxic chemicals above this or that territory. Those giving rise to nitrogen dioxide cause severe pulmonary damage. If then “SARS-CoV2” is “detected” in the patient by a lab “test” of a very poor quality (no PCR “test” has EVER undergone an external quality assessment), the chemical damage is attributed to the “viral infection” with no hesitation. Now, they seem to spray mostly water-soluble aluminium salts that affect immunity and central nervous symptoms. So, the clinical picture of the popular disease now is different from what we saw in December or earlier.

    1. Massimo, the PCR test produces false positives and false negatives every time since it is incapable of detecting a living organism. As for deaths, the normal death rate in Italy is 800 a day.

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