The Kazakhstan Rebellion is a CIA operation to destabilize Russian Security

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6 thoughts on “The Kazakhstan Rebellion is a CIA operation to destabilize Russian Security”

  1. The Russians were expecting it. They don’t trust the Outlaw US Empire and they have form in starting their colour revolutions during holidays, especially when Putin has given Biden and NATO red lines not to cross which they are due for crunch talks next week. The bear has had enough and is prepared to confront the zio nazis in the US, U.K. and Ukraine. This year will be interesting.

    The empire needs war in the Ukraine to confront Russia and cut them off from SWIFT and give them sanctions from hell. Putin effectively told them that it would be an act of war.

  2. Br. Bugnolo, thank you for this excellent link.
    The official statement of the EU about this “Maidan-style” foreign backed coup-attempt is hilarious: “The European Union also calls upon authorities to respect the fundamental right to peaceful protest and proportionality in the use of force when defending its legitimate security interests, and to uphold its international commitments.”
    No word yet from the EU about the police-brutalities against peaceful anti-mandate and anti-lockdown protesters in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, etc.. Maybe because these real peaceful protesters are going against the EU-agenda?
    Source EU-statement:

  3. This is more complicated than that.

    Putin and the Russian government, against the wishes of the Russian people, are hand-in-glove with the globalist WEF cartel to push mandatory vaxxination, making money on the AstraZeneca knock-off Sputnik V, and the QR coded mark of the beast system the Russians also hold patents for.

    It seems the the turmoil in Kazakhstan is a revolt by the people against the lockdowns and passport system that was supposed to begin this week. But this is being covered up by both Russian and Western media as just to do with gas prices.

    Seems the Western intelligence is happy to support any revolt against Russia’s interests, even when they support the same tyranny against the people of their own countries, which shows desperation to throw a wrench in the NATO talks.

    Russia is not our friend, Putin is Schwab’s man! This is why Putin supports both hoaxes such as covid and flobal warming. Check out the link above as well as this one:

    It feels as though both Russia and the US are competing for the globalist’s favor as to which one can more competently fulfill their desires, and therefore benefit from the New World Order.

    1. I have not seen any solid evidence that this has anything to do with lockdowns. Price hikes, yes, but not covid controls. If you know of any which say otherwise, let me know. Speculation is not a source of news.

    2. Thanks interesting articles . Agree Putin is in with Schwab. Anybody that pushes vaccines and QR codes is part of it .

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