VIENNA: Massive Protest against DeathVaxx Obligation

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5 thoughts on “VIENNA: Massive Protest against DeathVaxx Obligation”

  1. Yes…! I was there and it was big…!
    The numbers mainstream media tell you will be wrong…! The people are standing up…!
    The police tried to block our route but we didn’t give up and they finally let us through…!
    You will not feel so alone when you attend one of these demonstrations…! Power to the people…!

  2. hi Br

    could’nt reach your site today error 403 [?] nevertheless;-

    Electromagnetic pulse causes man’s death
    JANUARY 07, 2022

    ‘illustration’ [?] of the potential [future action]of the pulse to disable/kill [?]

    in addition to the correspondence of G.O. in situ at electromagnetic concentrations in the body, e.g spine, brain, heart.

    {?] sudden death pathology [?] ‘eugenics’ murderous selection control [?] random proximity[?] or targeted[?]

    if further proven , this is very worrying.



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