Attorney Pini explains the new Sanitary Diktat & all its holes

English Sumamry by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

DeMicheli: Does the new Decree require me to be vaccinated, so that if I do not, they will arrest me at home?

Pini: Certainly not, such sanction is not contained in the decree.

DeMicheli: How about informed consent?

Pini: If you are obligated, someone has to take responsibility. Why do I have to give informed consent? There is nothing logical in these Sanitary rules. All of it is an absurdity.

DeMicheli: If I do not have to give consent, then I am not really obligated?

Pini: In Italy, the law 210/92 remains in force, so that if you are harmed, who harms you is responsible.

DeMichaeli: Explain.

Pini: There are many interpretations of law, but in substance, in practice, if you go to get vaccinated, and do not sign the informed consent form, they cannot vaccinate you. … The sanction is 100 euros if you are not vaccinated and are 50 years or older.

Let’s use a progressive logic, in reading the Decree. Article 4.4 cites a law from 2021, and it reads, “From the date that this goes into effect (Jan. 8, 2022)… until June 15, to carefore the health of the public … the obligation to be vaccinated …. is applied to Italian citizens, EU citizens and foreign citizens who have a visa, who have completed 50 years of age… before or after the law-decree goes into effect …. are obliged to take the vaccine for sarscov2” — What does this mean? There is always an inexactness in these degrees. … The vaccines do not prevent the transmission of the virus, as has been seen, nor prevent infection. The vaccines were approved in an emergency manner, not to cure the virus. Attention, however, we always have the right to defer the obligation… but the obligation, according to this decree, gives an excuse to those who can establish a danger to health for a person certified by his doctor or the doctor administering the vaccine. You are not obliged to go to your doctor. The decree only obliges you to go to the doctor charged with vaccination. You cannot go to any doctor you want.

Demicheli: If I become 50 years of age on or after June 15, am I obligated?

Pini: No. Rmember this is not a law, but a Law-Decree, which has not yet become a law. Until it is converted, the obligation does not exist as enforceable.

Demichaeli: If someone is over 50 and refuses until June 15, will he be obligated after June 15?

Pini: No, the obligation disappears on June 15.

Obbligation of Super GreenPass

Pini: Now lets talk about the super green pass which requires one to be vaccinated or cured from covid-18 to obtain it. This is described in Article 4. This obligation cites the law from last year, and this obligation now is established to begin on Feb. 15, for all government workers, the Judges, the Lawyersn court and legal counselors of the Judges. Excluded from this obligation are witnesses and parties in the dispute. Also obligated are all workers in the private sector. All of these who are 50+ years must show the super green pass. I will simplify: all public works, judges and staff in the courts, and the private sector works who are 50+, have to show the super green pass upon entering the work place.

Demichaeli: So they are now excluding from society the judges, lawyers and private workers who are 50+ from society?

Pini: In my opinion, lawyers are obligated who enter Court, not those who work in other places, after Feb. 15, to those who are public judges and all his counselors and assistants. The decree goes into effect today, so that the obligation to be vaccinated begins today, but the obligation for the super green pass goes into effect on Feb. 15. … The journalists who are reporting that the obligation to be vaccinated goes into effect on Feb. 1st, are wrong.

As for Feb. 1, 2022, you will not be able to obtain any personal services, such as barber and nail salons, public offices, banks, post office, commercial services, nor  as of Jan. 20, participate in visiting prisoners, if you do not have the simple green pass, which allows the DeathSwab. But only until March 31.

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