AUSTRALIA: 5-11 year olds to be DeathJabbed as of January 10th

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12 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: 5-11 year olds to be DeathJabbed as of January 10th”

  1. These cockroaches should be arrested, tried and executed. Civil disobedience and revolution at the required level of force will be necessary.

    Those in the military and police (stormtroopers) better decide what their stake in the future will be.

  2. What was the comment in the Bible about how terrible it will be for mother’s with young children and nursing Mothers?? Is that in Revelation? Or Jesus’ own words when speaking of the end times? Truly horrifying and heartbreaking.

  3. Totally unnecessary
    Reminds me of Nazi troops leading the people to be deloused and they were incinerated instead.

  4. Australians have become unrecognizable as normal human beings. They put this military person up telling the people their children WILL be jabbed. It no longer matters what parents want? Australia is this far gone, that needles are going to be jabbed into the arms of babies because they SAY so? This is a nightmare. A beautiful 3 year-old child in, I think, Argentina, was playing with friends the other day and suffered cardiac arrest and died, a few days after her jab. What on God’s earth are we doing TO BABIES. Dear God in heaven, give these parents the strength and wisdom to fight for the health of their babies. Please God, stop these monsters who plan evil, both in tyranny and in giving these children these injections that have not been tested on children and about which nobody knows the long-term consequences.
    This is madness. Australia, what in God’s name are you doing!

    1. The situation in Australia is bad, I will not dispute that. However at this moment it is not compulsory to have children jabbed – it is still up to the parents.
      Some things are better than they were a few months ago. We must hope and pray that the madness will subside. There are still many good people here who can see what is going on for what it is.

  5. Never in history has a people sacrificed children to keep adults “safe”. Children do not generally get sick from Covid, nor do teens. It is estimated that for every one child protected by vaccination for Covid, 117 will die.

  6. A truly sad day in the history of Australia, l am ashamed to be an Australian.
    This Parasite infested government is slaughtering our precious children.

  7. I live in Australia dear Brother and this nation is now lost. It is in the hands of the devil and only deliverance through the return of Jesus will save us now. May God help all of us. Thank you.

    1. The nation is not lost, if all the gun owners gather in the outback and begin to take back their country, one town by another, with armed force.

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