7 thoughts on “Dr. Pierre Kory: Mass Vaccination is leading to Mass Death”

  1. I watched Dr. Pierre Kory this morning on FOX News’ Sunday Morning Futures Show with Maria Bartiromo. While Dr. Kory spoke highly of using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to combat COVID in conjunction with Vitamin D3 and Zinc and other therapeutics, he NEVER, NOT ONCE spoke about how Mass Vaccination leads to mass death. Therefore, I consider him a coward. He had an opportunity to speak up and tell the American people the real truth, but did not do so.

    With so much data on the adverse events [the CDC’s own VAERS statistics] and the amount of information out there about how the “vaccine” causes myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, spontaneous abortions, endothelial cancer and mitochondrial cancer, compounded with the realization that whoever took even one jab will be dead within 10 years and much less if they had multiple shots or boosters, I find it astonishing that NOT ONE MEMBER OF CONGRESS, nor either Trump or Biden nor any President still alive will renounce and repudiate OPERATION WARP DEATH to warn the American people and the world!

    Why hasn’t ONE person in power or authority or one newscaster or medical correspondent on the Lamestream Media said: “Enough is enough! We have to stop the Vaccine Holocaust! We have to put an end to the Eugenics Depopulation Genocidal Murder by the Big Pharma Drug Cartel. We have to stop Satanthony Fauci, Bill Gates of Hell, Klaus “Fourth Reich” Schwab and Chaos Merchant George Soros from killing 7 billion people!” Why hasn’t anyone, not even one person said this to the American people?

    How many more people have to die from this suicide shot before we reach a tipping point and people realize we have to hold these demonic monsters accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity? Find me just one person with the courage and the fortitude to stand up to Global Murder!!! Just one!

    Dr. Cory had the opportunity to reveal this in the mainstream media and he didn’t. Why not? Is he so frightened of the Big Pharma Drug Cartel that he is afraid to save untold millions of lives? Shame on him and others who know the truth and won’t speak out when they have the chance!

    1. I understand your anger and frustration, but in TV, you ARE told what to say and what not to say on the air, and if you dont they cut you off immediately. He may even have had to sign something before being asked to speak. I would put the blame for not speaking out first upon FOX.

    2. He revealed it to the U.S senate in December 2020 but it feel on deaf ears. They didn’t want a solution, they wanted the VAX.
      Look it up yourself watch the hearing. After that he was censored and the hearing was taken off youtube. Its still available online search it…. Dr Pierre Cory Senate hearing 2020.

      There was another senate hearing January 11, 2022
      You should watch that also lots of revelations like 75% of CDC is unvaccinated and working remotely. But guess what? You wont hear that on mainstream media either.

    3. watch Del Bigtree on Highwire, it may answer your questions. I am glad that Pierre has spoken and was one of the first to come and tell congress. the trouble is, you can yell from the roof tops, but sadly there are those who refuse to see. Geert Vander Bossche did come out at the beginning and warn this will kill many, how many…. who knows….

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