KHAZAKSTAN: One of chief conspirators in rebellion is Biden associate

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6 thoughts on “KHAZAKSTAN: One of chief conspirators in rebellion is Biden associate”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, thank you for this excellent link. US and GB are playing with (nuclear) fire. China is also involved, participating via the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (CSO) in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CTSO, the flag above the current Russian military action.) No signals of Chinese involvement yet, but this is potential start of nuclear WOIII. Watch for oligarchs and plutocrats heading for the shelters. Or is it all just an Orwellian theatre-show to scare the sheeple into obedience?

  2. Ukraine President Zelensky Implicated With MI-6 in Kazakhstan Overthrow Attempt

    What needs to be done to tell people to get their heads out of the sand urgently, because we are on the eve of the Third World War, in comparison with which, the false pandemic and the related vaccines will soon be a distant nightmare largely overcome by the unimaginable horror of a nuclear war?
    What needs to be done to tell people to prepare themselves, above all, spiritually?

    1. I do not think we are at the verge of a world war, especially since none of the present actors are major military powers nor is Russia in such a threat as to nuke the world.

  3. Copy/pasted from Zero Hedge comments:

    suggest everyone here get on YouTube *cough* and get on The department of state channel (or search for Kazakhstan COVID-19) and look at the various statements of Kazakhstan‘s leadership going back six months to present day.

    They’ve been repeating nonstop the WHO Covid/Biden build back better mantra, imposing fines, prison, and harsh penalties for noncompliance, fake IDs, and spreading Internet misinformation that is in the ballpark of 2 years of average per capita income or $14,000 in fines, or anywhere from 40 weeks to 7 years in prison.

    their country is still only about 30% vaccinated.

    something tells me this unrest is not about fuel prices, but about the draconian measures they are pushing on their own people to restrict access and necessities to threaten them into getting vaccinated with the Jim Jones juice.

    there’s also plenty of outlets operated by the chosen ones blaming it on ‘Muslim extremism’ but if people don’t want to get jabbed, and don’t want to go to jail, or pay twice the price of fuel or get vaccine passports, and they’re willing to fight for their freedom, it makes one wonder when the powder keg here in the United States is going to explode.

    Per capita gun ownership here in the United States isover 40 times that of Kazakhstan. We won’t need to be reaching for guns brought in the trunks of cars if our government continues to go out of line pushing it citizens in ways they do not wish to go.

    according to an Indian news source one of the most popular slogans in Kazakhstan right now is “get out old man” which is not all that different from “let’s go Brandon” or “let’s get Braden to quit”

    I guess they can come down harder on people who own A little over 2% of the weapons that American citizens do.

    some of the rhetoric of Kazakhstan’s leader at the WHO indicates there’s going to be a really hard push globally from now till mid 2022, so we have to be on our guard for more shenanigans (and possibly violence) from our government and be prepared.

    anyway, after watching some news clips for the fast few months and comparing what the leader has been talking about their versus what’s happening now, it all makes sense that they went full ****** on trying to VAX their population and blackmail them with necessities which has resulted in the present situation.

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