MAGDEBURG: Thousands participate in illegal protest against new DeathVaxx obligations
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5 thoughts on “MAGDEBURG: Thousands participate in illegal protest against new DeathVaxx obligations”

    1. Please stay calm. It is one big provocation. In the Netherlands the police shot already live rounds at protesters, near-fatally wounding bystanders and an alternative-media journalist. Please, do not let yourselve become provocated, so that they can wheel or fly in the machine-guns and silence every form of dissent.

  1. Italian living in Germany: we well know the goverment won’t change course and that elections are a scam. But these protests are useful to wake up the sheep, and they are working! In Hamburg there were 900 people 2 months ago, now >30k (if not >50k).
    The police is not doing anything anymore: too many protest in too many places, plus many of them actually agree (it is statistical).
    Last remark: this government is fake, like Biden. The last one of the fake Federal Republic of Germany. It is so obvious.
    @FraBugnolo: I can write an article on this, if you like.

    1. I would appreciate reports from Germany, you can submit them via, where you can message me privately after friending me.

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