Scientific Proof of Self-Organizing Nano-Structures in Pfizer DeathVaxx

Editor’s Notice: This is an excerpt of an Infowars Video, adjoined to a final minute with a meme, saying nonsensical things. If anyone knows the original video source, please let me know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Scientific Proof of Self-Organizing Nano-Structures in Pfizer DeathVaxx”

  1. It is about both population reduction and total control of the remaining masses. Simple, really.

  2. Greg Reese is an “editor and producer for,” and he has his own ‘’ channel. As someone who has viewed a very large number of his videos, they are all worth watching. Unfortunately his “RR” (Reese Report) logo has a very prominent pyramid on it, so this could be telling us that he is a double agent like Alex Jones. Nevertheless, bearing this in mind, there is a lot of excellent information that he collects and condenses into 5 minute exposes. Here is his channel’s link:

    1. So he probably is a freemason. Infowars has done a lot to red pill the masses, but it did not see the Plandemic coming in a way to effectively warn nor has it effectively redpilled during the Scamdemic. That has been done by independent voices. I gather Infowars is run by conservative Christian like Masons, who are not on board with the Great Reset but who definitely want to make money speaking against it.

  3. Yes, they want to make money, but not sure that InfoWars is actually “Christian” as they like us to think. Jones’ red-pilling of the people has always been incomplete and thus diversionary as he indicts only “the (generic) globalists” while intentionally NEVER getting beyond skin deep regarding the blood and religious connections of many of the controllers. Accordingly, he has been a consistent Trump fan — which shows that he is either horribly naïve (which he is not) or else promoting disinfo for Trump’s controllers and the new world order/great reset agenda.

    It is possible that Jones’ apparent not seeing the coming of the Plandemic is more a matter of him not REVEALING or preparing us for the coming of the Plandemic. It is entirely likely that not only is he (along with Greg Reese) in the Masonic brotherhood (and so they know a lot more about the coming plans than they tell us), but ultimately InfoWars specializes in giving us selective and filtered truths — and a lot of fear mongering. InfoWars is slim to none on solutions or helping people to understand the true causes/sources/affiliations or motivations of the new world order Satanic cabal. Jones’ operation does make a lot of money, and he is most assuredly funded by the people he is protecting.

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