7 thoughts on “USA: “Patriot Front”, the new CIA right-wing Operation”

  1. Thank you Br. Bugnolo, for a good laugh. Balaclavaed, shield and flag bearing Antifa-mercenaries marching in a false-flag operation put on stage by some Marxist think-tank. On their website you can read: “America’s goals will be sought with the united and enduring passion of the national collective. No placement of the private interest above that of the common good will stand unopposed as the barriers impeding the nation’s will are overcome.” Their “manifesto” contains 15 times the word “collective.” This is pure pseudo-Hegelian, neo-Marxist drivel. No Trump-supporting Republican will fall for this. However, this kind of theatre will scare the **** out of political correct liberals and will give the FBI a pretext to round up all Republicans after the feds finished the arrests of all the domestic terrorist soccer moms who dare to oppose the woke-education of their children.

  2. I’ve been following various people “in the know” on Telegram and other places. From what I’ve seen, Patriot Front is the real deal. For those that say it’s a neo-Marxist group, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that this group fashions themselves very much after the National Socialist Party of Germany circa the 1930s in their beliefs. One of those beliefs is anti-Bolshevism and its modern-day incarnation in the communist/leftists who are, as the Bolsheviks before them, controlled by the J cabal.

    Frankly, the impotence of “Trump Republicans” and “conservatives” in general against the global J-based cabal is something that PF and others of its ilk rail against. They think that people like the commenter above, Pieter De Jong a commenter above, are pathetic in the extreme and not much better than brain-dead liberals. They would say that Pieter is an emblem for the typical “conservatard”.

    And the more I see, the more I am inclined to agree with them. At least PF are organizing, preparing and recruiting in a structured way, for the inevitable clashes that have to happen.

    As opposed to the pointless rantings on social media of the typical conservative, who for fear of being defamed by the very media they say is so bad, echo and reinforce most of the lies that the very same media spews. And whom still hold onto the ridiculous belief that if they follow the rules put in place by the elite that they will somehow gain back power. A belief that is so obvious in its vacuity that it boggles the mind how they can still hew to it so tightly.

    1. Your analysis about what they are trying to do I think is correct. But you may not know, that the Nazis of Germany were created by the Skull and Bones Banks of New York City, who founded the CIA also. So I am saying the same thing, but I would not call them the real deal, because none of this has to do with American patriotism. Skull and Bones is a filial lodge of the Prussian Lodge of Berlin. Its all neo Kantian and Hegelian error and lies.

  3. This video here makes one suspicious that this group could be a propaganda group of the deep state. The age group which falls for this mind control propaganda is obvious. This is the age group that has been indoctrinated from their birth, through kindergarten and so on. Along with their single parented upbringing because their own parents have also been demoralized through indoctrination to live the american dream of lustful and irresponsible anti GOD behaviors of all kinds. . . . for the most part.

    The targeted age group to whom this group appeals along with its psyop monotone is the same age group that the military of every country is interested in having enlist in order to prepare each to offer their very body in order to battle for the endless wars of the globalists’ interests and agendas.

    On their website, is also a CNN video report calling the group white supremists including other overt racist narrative against people who are white and who are the latest targeted group for the bigoted elites to use as their scapegoats in the globalists’ war against humanity. Using so called useful idiots are very much a standardized operation that is often exploited by the elitists.

    Also, the successful Tokyo Rose type propaganda from world war 2 will not even be a blip on their radar nor on the radar of their ignorant parents. Neither the parents nor the offspring can even so much as lift their heads up from their hand-held electronics as they drive and as they cross the dangerous street risking themselves and others because they lower themselves to be oblivious zombies.

    Their access to information and truth is unprecedented, and yet they are do not seek the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, but instead seek emotional gratifications and therefore tend toward living emotionally self-oriented lives.

    The TRUTH of history, TRUTH acquired through right reason and right judgement, etc… are basically unknown because they do not read books, they gravitate to political indoctrination through their many years of marxist education, and worst of all they do not know nor do they care to know the ways of GOD. They and their parents are generally disdainful toward GOD, seniors, and anyone above their age group as a general rule, and this prevents them from gaining valuable wisdom from GOD or those in older age groups.

    The possibilities of breaking free from their formation which will lead them to their own enslavement are great for sure, but their enslavement seems to be inevitable because without the light that GOD would surely give if they turned to HIM, they tend ever more toward the FREE WILL to reject their CREATOR.

    In other words, both the parents and their children have been purposefully educated into stupidity, and it seems their choice is to continue on this path. GOD calls them to HIMSELF, but they reject HIM.

    The worst lessons that they have learned through their dumb-down brainwashing and programming in government so called schools, movies, music, and so forth is to reject GOD, reject HIS WAYS, TRUTH, and LIFE while accepting and living according to that which pleases their emotions and feelings; therefore, the ways of satan are what they choose to imitate and live by as they advance toward the ruination of their own souls. And what this means for their eternal destination, is their FREE WILL to continue to reject GOD and to choose HELL unless they repent.

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