5 thoughts on “Dr. Fuellmich takes Dr. Lee Meritt’s Deposition on the Scamdemic”

  1. That was well worth watching… and I think we all know but there are many who are in denial, especially those that have consented to the jabs…
    I’ll be going to the next big demonstration in Vienna this coming weekend of the 15th January with many doctors speaking out …


  2. This fits into your series on the CIA takedown of the Catholic Church. The book Lee Merritt sites is a meeting of the overlords in 1954 about taking down humanity…. this has been going on for a long time and it is all intertwined… this is on such a biblical level it’s breathtaking! The evil!

  3. All explosive technology and the ENORMOUS leap in quantity is the weapon, not only 5G, all of it, as a soup will NATURALLY cause biological explosions in the body. Cancer is a “healing crises” that cannot kill you but we cannot excrete the Dead cells(virus) fast enough. A man on his death bed, glows because the bacterial army in the body increases drastically (causing glow) and tries to eat all waste products that the body cannot but it will eventually tire out and themselves excrete their own poisonous waste and this is when the body dies. Most metals in the vaccine can NEVER be excreted and this is the sure death.

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