Dr. Meluzzi: In a serious country, Draghi would be investigated & arrested

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When asked on live television, whether Draghi should resign for having lied about the DeathVaxx Passport reducing the spread of Covid, Dr. Meluzzi responded with a nod to the communique from the Committee for the Salvation of the Republic, by calling for his arrest. He called the Prime Minister also an incompetent idiot.

This is the second major public figure in Italy to call for arrests, in a week.

Here is a list of the lies of Mario Draghi, to which it appears Dr. Meluzzi is refering:

English translation:

1. “If you do not get vaccinated, you will get sick, die, or cause others to die” — FALSE
2. “The Green Pass gives you the opportunity to find yourself among those who are not contagious” — FALSE
3. “The great part of the problem has to do with the unvaccinated” — FALSE.

The hashtag, #Draghiingalera means, “Put Draghi in prison”

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  1. In Germany the same. But the neighbors know and can make the residences available. Happened a few weeks ago in Germany. Rendered the politicians of all parties scared shitless.

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