ITALY: GoldmanSachs Dictator to lower DeathVaxx Obligation to 40+ years of age

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As hospitals fill with the DeathVaxxed, the Double DeathVaxxed and the Triple DeathVaxxed, Mario Draghi’s government is on the move to lower the bar on the DeathVaxx obligation, just declared for those 50+ years old, to 40+ years of age.

The dictated reason: to stop the new cases arriving in hospital.

The real reason: to kill off as many Italians as possible, before the Reset crashes.

Compliance leads to more tyranny, when the tyrant is a sadistic maniac.

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3 thoughts on “ITALY: GoldmanSachs Dictator to lower DeathVaxx Obligation to 40+ years of age”

  1. Epiphany of a satanist as the Italian proverb goes:
    “Errare è umano, perseverare è diabolico”.

  2. Empty and soulless eyes. They all have that look.
    Maybe the knowledge of burning in hell forever makes them more evil?
    I wish Draghi, Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, Scott Morison, Dan Andrews, Jacinda Ardern, die soon.
    Jacinda Ardern will get married the 15th this month on Waiheke Island. She is a disgusting globalist whore and atheist. No wonder it’s so easy for her to kill New Zealand, together with the pathetic government, and her panel of academic incompetence. 26.700 businesses gone in just 8 months. She made 25 million in. 2021. I’m sure God have painful plans for her.

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