Soros & Gates fund pro-DeathVaxx Catholics to spread the Scam

Editor’s Note: You can bet your rosary beads, that the international coordinated effort by Bishops to shut churches and remove holy water and throw Jesus around like a cookie, were specified terms in a promise to pay the Catholic Hierarchy who run Dioceses — all Judas Iscariots, to the last man — oodles of money as part of the new Globalist Church. The sacrilege and idolatry of the Pachamama in the Vatican was the test to show the Globalists that the entire Catholic Hierarchy would join their plot against humanity. I hope this suspicion is false, but I think the news in the next few years will prove it true. The first sign of such a plot, was when Bergoglio sent Parolin, his Secretary of State, to Davos in 2018.

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