11 thoughts on “What is Mass Delusional Psychosis?”

      1. Well-not really a significant informed reply. Most disappointed that, after many attempts-still unable to make a comment-thought I’ve had comments accepted before. Not a true forum here.

      2. No one is doing anything to censor your comments, but perhaps Askimet does not like the content.

      1. Answering that ‘SEMPER’-OK? The ‘original’ comment I’d put up-Suddenly was just recognized and appeared 24hrs later. Yes it was strange to see it-but perhaps you’ll have a look see? Thanks for being here.

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  1. I have pointed out that we (my American friends and I) have been “under attack” since 9/11. This could also apply to other countries/peoples as well.

    9/11, numerous/various mass shootings, racial tensions, burning & pillaging of cities, Las Vegas shooting and now the “Rhona”…

    It’s been roughly 20 years for this fear campaign and more recently a change has occurred with the Smith Mundt act. Google these terms: “Smith Mundt act propaganda”

    Alex Jones may be right: “There’s a war on for your mind…”

    A softened enemy isn’t really much of an enemy at all.

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