2 thoughts on “Pfizer wants to “correct” the errors in your DNA”

  1. From the start of this fiasco, I have said the serpent is still hissing “Ye shall be as gods” and eager ears are still listening & embracing that delusional belief.

    When asked to explain my religious exemption to my federal contractor employer (which was absurd, anyway, since I work remotely from my home 900 miles away), among my reasons was that it’s an insult to God to even suggest humans can “improve” our immune systems by altering them in some way. The arrogant absurdity is incredible. (My employer agreed to accommodate my religious exemption, so I kept that part-time job, though I lost my other one for refusing to live the lie and perpetuate the harms, especially to children, of wearing a mask. Also 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 )

  2. God bless you Julie for standing up for what is right and true.
    Most people have fallen for the great delusion it seems so it is very difficult to even talk to them. I have tried with some people but failed.

    God bless

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