The Lancet: It’s the Vaccinated who are the vectors of infection for everyone

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9 thoughts on “The Lancet: It’s the Vaccinated who are the vectors of infection for everyone”

  1. Of course it is the vaxxed…..common senses there are only so many unvaxxed compared to the vaxxed too. People have lost all common sense.

  2. The truth about the Spanish flu,is the vaccinated spread the virus& died because of the vaccines,its just History repeated,is it a culling/ genocide every 100+years or so

  3. I have been saying this for over a year that the vaccinated are the COVID super spreaders and are responsible for the virus mutations since the virus keeps trying to infect all the vaccinated. These vaccines compromise your own natural immunity so the vaccine can attack the corona virus instead and meanwhile the vaccinated have a very reduced innate or non-existing immunity to be able to save the vaccinated from a new danger like the new Ebola virus that has suddenly appeared. Tried to warn everyone, but people like myself who are science educated as well as these brave scientists and medical doctors stepping forward to confirm these facts are the crazy ones according to the governments and their supposedly “science” educated researchers and the vaccinated. It truly is laughable but it is about to wipe out all the foolish people that got vaccinated. Don’t wish that on anyone but so many of us have tried to warn you!

    1. This is about to get much worse, because the DeathVAxxed are losing all immunity and soon they will be walking petri dishes of every deadly disease. This is why God tell us in the Apocalypse to leave the society of those who have received the Mark of the Beast so as not to share in their sins and in their PLAGUES.

      1. Mystery 666 = The numerical value of a man Rev 13:18 who is also figuratively called The Beast upon which sits the woman, Mystery Babylon the great Whore = False Church, apostate ecumenical christianity fornicating with the leaders (kings) of the Nations of the Earth… To remove oneself from Babylon is to enter the wilderness where the Spirit blows where it wills.. john B

      2. With all due respect, Brother Bugnolo, Covid 19 is not a virus of the vaccinated or the unvaccinated; Covid 19 appears to be a virus that causes iron deregulation in certain susceptible persons. The elderly, immune compromised, those with autoimmune diseases and Diabetes 2, are all more likely to be already experiencing iron deregulation and thus are all more likely to have a more serious reaction to Covid 19. One would hope that reestablishing Iron homeostasis is key to both treating those who are suffering with diseases of iron deregulation while fighting any further iron deregulation that can come from being exposed to Covid 19.

        Furin, regulates Hepcidin, which regulates Iron, which is why targeting the furin receptor for some susceptible persons can also lead to iron deregulation and disease.

        “COVID-19 and iron dysregulation: distant sequence similarity between hepcidin and the novel coronavirus spike glycoprotein – PubMed”

        “Furin has previously been identified as being the sole PC responsible for generating active hepcidin. Hepcidin is initially synthesized as a larger precursor protein, before undergoing furin cleavage. Furin is known to form mature, bioactive hepcidin, with the removal of this pro-region.

        “Furin-mediated release of soluble hemojuvelin: a new link between hypoxia and iron homeostasis – PubMed”

      3. Thank you! I just commented on another of your postings also that it is imperative for people not to be around a recently vaccinated person for at least a week and maybe longer because my fiance just died of covid and the shedding of the vaccine the day after working with an employee that was just boosted the day before. This covid vaccine is almost intelligent and knows to attack the weak or future weak areas of a person’s body causing a much earlier death than they would normally see, Seeing way too much evidence of the vaccine shedding, having been a victim of it twice already!

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