USA: Beware, when you buy clothing, you might be funding Marxism

Editor’s Note: In the USA, “woke” means Neo-Left.

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3 thoughts on “USA: Beware, when you buy clothing, you might be funding Marxism”

  1. It’s scarcely possible to buy much in the way of hard goods in USA w/o finding a “Made in China’s label on it.
    Even to make one’s clothing: where does one find an American-based textile mill for the better part of 50 yrs — despite that, once upon a time, such were virtually rampant?

  2. Sad to say, there are very few companies that we can wholeheartedly support and patronize. We can do our best to support the decent companies cited above, and to avoid the blatant offenders (as presented in this post), but since basically ALL major corporations are ultimately owned by the Rothschilds (and their small number of closest Satanic adept controllers),we know that by and large we have been co-opted and forced into supporting the “evil empire” against our will.

    Sadly, this cabal of controllers does own just about everything — literally — and we have little recourse but to buy from them.

    One thing that was blatantly missing/ not highlighted in the above useful list, is that basically ALL of the listed dirty corporations are also big supporters of abortion and the infanticide agenda. And this is MUCH more important than their support of liberal/Marxist politics.

    Politics is a fraud and nothing but theatre. Politics is actually democrats and republicans working together for the same masters. So, likewise, in full truth, the major corporations actually FUND BOTH SIDES AT THE SAME TIME as they work to keep the illusion of a 2-party system alive.

    So, beyond the bad politics supported by the above-listed companies lies their much worse support for abortion. And this says it all…
    If we can strive to avoid contributing to the “blood money” death machine of corporate America, this would indeed be a most noble pursuit. But since their ownership of everything is basically complete (especially as the mom and pop businesses are collapsing due to the PLANdemic), all we can do is keep our eyes open and do our best to support any apparently decent companies that might still be in existence.

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